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DevHealth - A blog by Janez Cadez

Improve mental health, avoid burnout and practise self-care.

Netlify Status

Welcome to the DevHealth blog codebase. We're excited to have you. With your help, we can build out DevHealth to feature more interesting articles and better serve our community.

What is DevHealth?

DevHealth is a platform where software developers write articles, take part in discussions, and openly talk about mental and physical challenges they face in their work as developers.

With your help, we'll help developers overcome challenges like impostor syndrome and become more productive.


We encourage you to contribute to DevHealth! You can propose a new topic by opening a new issue here. To get started with writing your own post on DevHealth, see the steps below:

  • Fork and clone the DevHealth repo
  • Install NPM packages
  • Run the blog locally: yarn start or npm start and visit localhost:8000
  • Create a new branch and add your blog post content to /content/{your-topic}
  • Submit a PR to the main repo.
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