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## 2018-01-18 Automatically generated from the Toki Pona lessons.
## You can use this dictionary with the software ding ( ).
a a a! :: ha ha ha!
a a a! :: Hahaha! (laughter)
a a a! :: interjection: laugh
a a a! ni li ' musi. :: Hahaha! That's funny.
a! akesi li wile moku e mi! :: Ahh! The dinosaur wants to eat me!
A: a! sina lukin ala lukin e ijo nasa ni? :: Whoa! Do you see that weird thing?
a :: interjection: ah, ha, uh, oh, ooh, aw, well (emotion word)
Akanisan :: Afghanistan
akesi :: adjective: amphibian-, reptilian-, slimy
akesi li pana e telo moli. :: The snake emitted venom ("deadly fluid").
akesi :: noun: reptile, amphibian; non-cute animal
akesi pi telo moli :: venomous snakes, poisonous frogs
ala :: adjective: no, not, none, un-
ala :: adjective numeral: 0
ala :: adverb: don't
ala! :: interjection: no!
ala li ' jaki. :: Nothing is dirty.
Alan :: Ireland, Irish Gaelic
ala :: noun: nothing, negation, zero
alasa :: adjective: hunting-, -hunting, hunting
alasa (e ) :: verb transitive: to hunt, to forage
alasa :: noun: hunting
ale :: adjective: all, every, complete, whole (ale = ali), (depreciated)
ale :: adjective numeral: 100 (official Toki Pona book)
ale :: adverb: always, forever, evermore, eternally (ale = ali), (depreciated)
ale li jo e tenpo. :: There is a time for everything. Everything in its right context.
ale li ' pona. :: All is good. Life is beautiful. Everything will be OK.
ale li pona :: all is well, I feel calm, I am at peace
ale :: noun: everything, anything, life, the universe, (depreciated)
Alensina :: Argentina
ali :: adjective: all, every, complete, whole (ale = ali)
ali :: adverb: always, forever, evermore, eternally (ale = ali)
ali li ' pona, tawa mi. :: Everything's fine to me.
ali li ' seme? :: The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything.
ali :: noun: everything, anything, life, the universe
ali tu :: 100 + 2 = 102 (Is rarely used.)
A: mi mute o tawa. :: Let's go.
A: mi tawa, tawa ma Elopa. :: I went to Europe.
Anku :: Korea, Korean
anpa :: adjective: low, lower, bottom, down
anpa :: adverb: downstairs, below, deep, low, deeply
anpa (e ) :: verb transitive: to defeat, to beat, to vanquish, to conquer, to enslave
anpa lawa :: neck, throat
anpa :: noun: bottom, lower part, under, below, floor, beneath
anpa pi sinpin lawa :: chin
anpa :: verb intransitive: to prostrate oneself
ante :: adjective: different, dissimilar, changed, other, unequal, differential
ante (e ) :: verb transitive: to change, to alter, to modify
ante la ni li ' ike. :: In case of deviations it is unfavourable.
ante la :: noun: if difference, if variance, if disagreement
ante li kama. :: Change comes. Times change.
ante :: noun: difference, distinction, differential, variation, variance, disagreement
Antola :: Andorra
anu :: conjunction: or (used for decision questions)
a! :: Ooh, Ahh! Unh! Oh!
a! telo sijelo loje li kama tan nena kute mi! :: Ahh! Blood is coming from my ear!
awen :: adjective: remaining, stationary, permanent, sedentary
awen :: adverb: still, yet
awen (e ) :: verb transitive: to keep
awen :: noun: inertia, continuity, continuum, stay
awen pona :: patient
awen :: verb intransitive: to stay, to wait,to remain
Awisi :: Haiti, Haitian Creole
B: mi ken ala. mi moku kin. :: I can't. I'm still eating.
B: mi lukin kin e ona. :: I see it indeed.
B: pona! mi tawa kin. :: Cool! I went too.
Ekato :: Ecuador
Elena :: Greece, Greek
e mi :: reflexive pronoun: myself, ourselves
en :: conjunction: and (used to coordinate head nouns)
e ona :: reflexive pronoun: himself, herself, itself, themselves
Epanja :: Spain, Spanish
e :: separator: An 'e' introduces a direct object. Don't use 'e' before or after the other separators 'e', 'la', 'li', 'pi', 'o', '.', '!', '?', ':', ','.
Esi :: Estonia, Estonian
e sina :: reflexive pronoun: yourself, yourselves
Esuka :: Basque Country, Basque
esun :: adjective: marketable, for sale, salable, deductible
esun (e ) :: verb transitive: to buy, to sell, to barter, to swap
esun :: noun: market, shop, fair, bazaar, business, transaction
He leads fightingly the battle. :: ona li lawa utala e utala.
:: He washes himself.
ijo :: adjective: of something
ijo :: adverb: of something
ijo (e ) :: verb transitive: to objectify
ijo ike li lon monsi mi. :: Bad things are behind me.
ijo li lon oko mi. :: Something is in my eye.
ijo li lukin e mi. :: Something is watching me.
ijo lon tomo :: household things
ijo :: noun: thing, something, stuff, anything, object
ike :: adjective: bad, negative, wrong, evil, overly complex
ike :: adverb: bad, negative, wrong, evil, overly complex
ike :: Bad
ike (e ) :: verb transitive: to make bad, to worsen
ike! :: interjection: oh dear! woe! alas!
ike la :: noun: if negativity, if badness, if evil
ike la sina moku e ni. :: If you feel nauseous, swallow this.
ike li kama. :: Bad comes. Shit happens.
ike lukin :: ugly
ike :: noun: negativity, badness, evil
ike! :: Oh no! Uh! oh! Alas!
ike :: verb intransitive: to be bad, to suck
Ilakija :: Iraq
Ilan :: Iran, Persian
I like plants. :: kasi li ' pona, tawa mi.
ilo :: adjective: useful
ilo :: adverb: usefully
ilo lape :: sleeping pill
ilo lape soweli :: animal tranquilizer or anesthetic, e.g. ketamine
ilo li lon poki. :: The tools are in the container.
ilo li ' pakala. :: The tool is broken.
:: ilo li sewi sewi e sewi.
ilo moku :: an eating utensil (fork/spoon/knife)
ilo moku :: utensil, fork, spoon, knife, etc.
ilo musi :: toy, thing used for entertainment
ilo nasa :: drugs
ilo nasa wawa :: energy-giving drug, e.g. amphetamine
ilo ni li ' lete pilin. :: This axe feels cold.
ilo :: noun: tool, device, machine, thing used for a specific purpose
ilo pi sitelen tawa :: TV
ilo pi sitelen toki :: pen, pencil
ilo sona :: smart tool or machine, e.g. computer
ilo suno :: flashlight
ilo suno :: lamp
ilo toki :: communications device, e.g. telephone, online chat
ilo unpa :: sex toy
Inli :: England, English
insa :: adjective: inner, internal
insa :: noun: inside, inner world, centre, stomach
Intonesija :: Indonesia, Indonesian
Isale :: Israel
Isilan :: Iceland, Icelandic
Italija :: Italy, Italian
I want to have a lot of sex with you. ::
I want to have a lot of sex with you. :: mi wile unpa mute e sina.
jaki :: adjective: dirty, gross, filthy, obscene
jaki :: adverb: dirty, gross, filthy
jaki (e ) :: verb transitive: to pollute, to dirty
jaki! :: interjection: ew! yuck!
:: jaki li jaki lili e mi.
jaki :: noun: dirt, pollution, garbage, filth, feces
Jamanija :: Yemen
jan :: adjective: human, somebody's, personal, of people
jan :: adverb: human, somebody's, personal, of people
jan ala li toki. :: Nobody is talking.
jan alasa pona li ' wawa. :: A good hunter is strong.
jan Ana o pana e moku, tawa mi! :: Ana, give me food.
jan Eliku Kulaputon :: Eric Clapton
jan Elu :: elf
jan Epi o a! :: Oh Abbie!
jan Eta li ' jan unpa. :: Heather is a whore.
jan (e ) :: verb transitive: to personify, to humanize, to personalize
jan ike :: bad person, jerk, negative person, enemy
jan ike :: enemy
jan ike li kama la o seli e lipu ni! :: If the enemy comes, burn these papers.
jan ike li utala e ona mute. :: An enemy is attacking them.
jan ike ni li jo e len nasa. :: That bad person has strange clothes.
jan jelo laso lili li kama, tan sewi. :: A little green person came from the sky.
jan Jon Kalapin :: John Calvin
jan kala :: mermaid.
jan Kanata :: Canadian person
jan Keli o, sina ' pona lukin. :: Kelly, you are pretty.
jan Ken o, mi olin e sina. :: Ken, I love you.
jan Ken o, pipi li lon len sina. :: Ken, a bug is on your shirt.
jan Kitopokolonpo :: Christopher Columbus
jan kulupu :: member of a group
jan laso jelo lili li kama, tan sewi. / :: A little green person came from the sky.
jan laso lili :: If Little Boy Blue
jan lawa :: leader
jan lawa :: leader, boss, master, chairperson, president, director
jan lawa lete :: King Frost
jan lawa li moku e telo jaki. :: The leader drank dirty water.
jan lawa ma :: president of country, governor of state, premier of province
jan lawa pi jan utala :: commander, general
jan lawa pi ma tomo :: mayor
jan lawa pi tomo tawa kon :: a pilot
jan lawa pi tomo tawa telo li moku. :: The captain of the ship is eating.
jan li alasa e soweli. :: Somebody hunt a buffalo.
jan lili :: child
jan lili :: child, daughter, son
jan lili en jan suli li toki. :: The child and the adult are talking.
jan lili li ken ala moku e telo nasa. :: Children can't drink beer.
jan lili li lukin e jan suli. :: Children watch adults.
jan lili li sona ala e ike. :: Children are innocent.
jan lili li wile e telo kili. :: Children want fruit juice.
jan lili pi jan Keli li ' musi. :: Keli's child is funny.
jan lili pi jan Ken en jan Lisa li ' suwi. :: Ken and Lisa's baby is sweet.
jan lili sina li ' suwi. :: Your baby is cute.
jan lili :: small, short, thin or young person, child
jan lili # tu wan :: 3 children
jan li lon insa tomo. :: Somebody's inside the house.
jan li lukin e ijo ni. :: The guy's looking at this thing.
jan li lukin e ni. :: The guy looks at that one.
jan li lukin, sama pipi. :: People look like ants.
jan li moku. :: Somebody is eating.
jan li moli e waso. :: The person killed the bird.
:: jan li pona ilo e ilo.
jan li ' pona mute. :: Man is very good. / The human being is the many good things.
jan li ' pona. :: People are good.
jan li ' pona. :: The person is good.
jan Lisa li ' pona. :: Lisa is cool.
jan Lisa o, toki! :: Hello Lisa!
jan Lisa o, toki! :: Hello, Lisa.
jan Lisa taso li kama. :: Only Lisa came.
jan li seme :: personal traits
jan li ' suli mute. mani li ' suli lili. :: People are more important than money.
jan li telo e ona. :: A person washes himself.
jan li toki, kepeken toki pona, lon tomo toki. :: People talk in/using Toki Pona in the chat room.
jan li wile jo e ma. :: People want to own land.
jan # luka tu :: 7 people
jan Mawen o, sina wile ala wile moku? :: Marvin, are you hungry?
jan Mawi li pana e seli tawa ma. :: How Maui brought fire to the world.
jan Mesiko :: Mexican person
jan Mewi li toki, tawa mi. :: Mary's talking to me.
jan Mose o lawa e mi mute, tawa ma pona! :: Moses, lead us to the good land.
jan mute kin li kama! :: Many, many, many people are coming!
jan mute li kama. :: Many people are coming.
jan mute li kama. :: Many people came.
jan mute lili li kama. :: A small amount (of) people are coming.
jan mute lili li kama. :: Some (but not a lot) of people are coming.
jan nanpa tu tu :: 4th person
jan nasa :: strange, foolish, unconventional or crazy person
jan nasa utala :: fighting fool
jan Nesan li ' musi. :: Nathan is funny.
jan ni li kon ike. :: This person is breathing badly.
jan ni li pona lukin :: That person is pretty.
jan ni li pona. :: This bloke is good.
jan ni li ' sama mi. :: That person is like me.
jan :: noun: person, people, human, being, somebody, anybody
jan olin :: loved one
jan olin :: significant other, partner
jan pakala :: an injured person, victim, etc.
jan pali pi ma ali o wan! :: Proletarians of all countries, unite!
jan pali :: worker, employee
jan Pawe o, mi wile ala moli. :: Forrest, I don't want to die.
jan Pentan li pana e sona, tawa mi. :: Brandon teaches to me.
jan :: People
jan :: person, people, inhabitant, member
jan pi ike lukin :: an ugly person
jan pi jan unpa mute :: promiscuous person
jan pi kama sona :: student
jan pi ma ante :: foreigner
jan pi ma sama :: fellow citizen of same country or land
jan pi ma tomo :: a city-dweller
jan pi musi sijelo :: athlete
jan pi nanpa wan li lon. :: The first person is here.
jan pi nasin sewi Kolisu :: a Christian
jan (pi pali) moku :: chef, cook
jan (pi pali) unpa :: sex worker
jan (pi pali) unpa :: sex worker, prostitute
jan pi pana sona :: teacher
jan pi pona lukin :: an attractive person
jan pi pona pilin :: good psychotherapist
jan pi pona sijelo :: good doctor, healer
jan pi tomo pali :: office worker, etc.
jan pi tomo sama :: housemate, roommate
jan pi wawa ala :: a person with weakness, a weak person
jan poka :: neighbor, someone who is beside you
jan pona :: friend (good person)
jan pona :: good person, friend, positive person
jan pona mi li lon poka mi. :: My friend is beside me.
jan sama :: similar person, counterpart, peer, person in same situation, sibling
jan sama :: sister, brother, sibling
jan San o tawa tomo sina! :: John, go to your house!
jan Santa :: Santa Claus
jan seme li lon? / jan seme li lon ni? :: Who's there?
jan seme li ' meli sina? :: Who is your girlfriend/wife?
jan seme li moku? :: Who is eating?
jan seme li olin e sina? :: Who loves you?
jan seme li tawa, lon poka sina? :: Who went with you?
jan seme pi kulupu ni li suli? :: Which people of this group are important?
jan Sesi o moku e kili ni! :: Jessie, eat this fruit!.
jan sewi :: saint, God, Flying Spaghetti Monster
jan sin li kama ala kama? :: Are more people coming?
jan sin li kama. :: More people are coming.
jan Sipi Wanta :: Stevie Wonder
jan sona :: knowledgeable person, wise person, educated person, academic, specialist
jan sona li ' jan nasa. :: A wise man is a fool. A genius thinks unconventionally.
jan sona nanpa :: mathematician
jan sona pilin :: psychologist
jan sona sijelo :: doctor, physician
jan suli :: adult
jan suli :: big, tall or fat person, adult
jan Susan anu jan Lisa li moku e suwi? :: Susan or Lisa ate the cookies?
jan Susan li ' nasa. :: Susan is crazy.
jan Ta o toki ala, tawa mi! :: Todd, don't talk to me!
jan Tepani o, sina ' ike, tawa mi. :: Steffany, I don't like you.
jan toki :: speaker, messenger, person communicating
jan Toni Kena :: Tony Chestnut
jan unpa :: lover, prostitute
jan unpa :: sexual partner
jan utala ali li ' nasa :: All soldiers are stupid.
jan utala li seli ala seli e tomo? :: Is the warrior burning the house?
jan utala nasa mute :: many stupid soldiers
jan utala nasa :: stupid soldier
jan utala pi ma Losi li ike, tawa ma ali. :: Soldiers of Russia are bad for the world.
jan utala :: soldier
jan Wasintan [Washington] li ' jan lawa pona pi ma Mewika. :: Washington was a good leader of America.
jan wawa ala :: No strong people.
jan wawa :: a strong person
jan wawa pi pona mute li kama. :: A strong, very good man is coming.
jelo :: adjective: yellowish, yellowy
jelo :: noun: yellow, light green
jelo :: yellow, light green
jo :: adjective: private, personal
jo ala e selo lon pini palisa :: circumcised, cut
jo e linja mute :: to be hairy
jo e mani mute :: to be rich
jo e pilin pona :: to have positive feelings, be mentally healthy
jo e selo lon pini palisa :: uncircumcised, uncut
jo e sijelo pona :: to be (physically) healthy
jo (e ) :: verb transitive: to have, to contain
jo ijo mute li ike e jan. :: A lot of possession corrupts.
jo :: noun: having, possessions, content
kala :: adjective: fish-
kala :: fish, seafood
kala kule mute :: The Rainbow Fish
kala lete :: raw fish, sushi
Kalalinuna :: Greenland, Greenlandic
kalama :: adjective: noisy, loud, rowdy
kalama ala li lon :: No sound exists.
kalama (e ) :: verb transitive: to sound, to ring, to play (an instrument)
kalama musi en meli li ' pona, tawa mi. :: I like music and girls.
kalama musi 'Jingle Bells' li ' pona, tawa mi. :: I like the song 'Jingle Bells'.
kalama musi li ' pona, tawa mi. :: I like music.
kalama musi pi jan Elton-John li ' nasa. :: Elton John's music is odd.
kalama musi pi jan Enja li ' pona. :: Enya's music is good.
kalama ni li ' seme? :: What was that noise?
kalama :: noun: sound, noise, voice
kalama :: verb intransitive: to make noise
kala :: noun: fish, marine animal, sea creature
kama :: adjective: coming, future
kama :: adverb: coming, future
kama :: auxiliary verb: to become, to mange to
kama (e ) :: verb transitive: to bring about, to summon
kama jo e lupa meli :: to get genital reconstruction surgery as a women, i.e. vaginoplasty
kama jo e palisa mije :: to get genital reconstruction surgery as a man, i.e. metoidioplasty, phalloplasty
kama jo e sinpin lawa meli :: to get facial feminization surgery
kama jo e sinpin mije :: to get male chest reconstruction surgery
kama jo (e ) :: verb transitive: to get
kama jo :: get
kama moli :: intransitives Verb: dieing
kama :: noun: event, happening, chance, arrival, beginning
kama olin :: fall in love with
kama pona! :: Come well! Welcome!
kama sona (e ) :: transitives Verb: to learn, to study
kama :: to come
kama :: verb intransitive: to come, to become, to arrive, to happen
Kana :: Ghana
Kanata :: Canada
Kanse :: France, French
kasi :: adjective: vegetable, vegetal, biological, biologic, leafy
kasi anpa :: grass
kasi (e ) :: verb transitive: to plant, to grow
kasi :: herb, plant
kasi kule :: flower
kasi kule li ' pona lukin. :: Flowers are pretty.
kasi kule loje lili :: The Little Pink Rose
kasi nasa :: intoxicating plant, e.g. marijuana
kasi nasa / kasi sona :: hemp
kasi :: noun: plant, vegetation, herb, leaf
kasi sona :: intoxicating plant used in meditation, e.g. marijuana
kasi suli :: trees, big shrubs
kasi :: verb intransitive: to grow
kasi wawa :: spice
Katala :: Qatar
Katelo :: Georgia, Georgian
Katemala :: Guatemala
Kenata :: Grenada
ken :: auxiliary verb: to can, may
ken (e ) :: verb transitive: to make possible, to enable, to allow, to permit
ken la ilo li ' pakala. :: Maybe the tool is broken.
ken la jan lili li wile moku e telo. :: Maybe the baby is thirsty.
ken la jan Lisa li jo e ona. :: Maybe Lisa has it.
ken la jan Susan li kama. :: Maybe Susan will come.
ken la mi ken tawa ma Elopa. :: Maybe I can go to Europe.
ken la :: noun: if possibility, if ability, if permission
ken la ona li lape. :: Maybe he's alseep.
ken la ona li lon tomo sona. :: Maybe he's in school.
ken la tenpo pimeja la ni li ' pona. :: Maybe in the night it will be ok.
ken :: noun: possibility, ability, power to do things, permission
ken :: verb intransitive: can, is able to, is allowed to, may, is possible
Kepeka :: Quebec
kepeken :: auxiliary verb: to use
kepeken ike e ilo nasa :: to abuse drugs
kepeken kasi nasa :: to smoke pot
kepeken lili e ilo nasa :: to use drugs in moderation
kepeken :: noun: use, usage, tool
, kepeken :: preposition: with
kepeken utala :: to use violence
kepeken :: verb intransitive: to use
Keposi :: Cyprus
kili :: adjective: fruity
kili :: adverb: fruity
kili :: fruit, vegetable
kili lili kiwen :: nut
kili lili :: small vegetable, fruit, e.g. berry, olive
kili li lon poki. :: The fruit is in the basket.
kili li ' moku li ' pona. :: Pineapple is a food and is good.
kili li ' pona, tawa mi. :: I like fruit.
kili li tawa anpa, lon poka kasi. :: The appel drops not far from the tree.
kili loje :: reddish fruit or vegetable, e.g. tomato
kili ma :: earth vegetable, e.g. potato
kili :: noun: fruit, pulpy vegetable, mushroom
kili palisa :: long fruit or vegetable, e.g. carrot, banana, cucumber
Kilipasi :: Kiribati
kili pi jan Linta li ' ike. :: Linda's fruit is bad.
kili pi jan Susan :: Susan's fruit
kili suwi :: (sweet) fruit
kili :: vegetable, fruit
kin :: adjective: indeed, still, too kin can be the very last word in an adjective group.
kin :: adverb: actually, indeed, in fact, really, objectively, kin can be the very last word in an adverb group.
kin! :: interjection: really!
kin la :: noun: if reality, if fact
Kinla :: Wales, Welsh
kin :: noun: reality, fact
kipisi (e ) :: verb transitive: to cut
kipisi :: noun: section, fragment, slice
kiwen :: adjective: hard, solid, stone-like, made of stone or metal
kiwen :: adverb: hard, solid, stone-like, made of stone or metal
kiwen (e ) :: verb transitive: to solidify, to harden, to petrify, to fossilize
kiwen :: noun: hard thing, rock, stone, metal, mineral, clay
ko (e ) :: verb transitive: to squash, to pulverize
ko jaki lon nena sinpin :: boogers
ko jaki :: shit, feces, pooh
ko lete li kama :: it's snowing
kon :: adjective: air-like, ethereal, gaseous
kon :: adverb: air-like, ethereal, gaseous
kon en sewi :: weather
kon (e ) :: verb transitive: to blow away something, to puff away something
Konko (pi ma tomo Kinsasa) :: Congo, Dem. Rep.
Konko (pi ma tomo Pasawi) :: Congo, P. Rep.
kon :: noun: air, wind, smell, soul
ko :: noun: semi-solid or squishy substance; clay, dough, glue, paste, powder, gum
kon sewi li jo e walo :: it's cloudy
kon :: verb intransitive:: to breathe
Kosalika :: Costa Rica
ko (walo) wawa :: cocaine
kule :: adjective: colourful, pigmented, painted
kule :: colour
kule (e ) :: verb transitive: to paint, to color
kule laso loje li ' pona, tawa mi. :: I like the color purple.
kule loje laso li ' pona, tawa mi. / :: I like the color purple.
kule lon palisa luka :: nail polish
kule :: noun: color, colour, paint, ink, dye, hue
kule seme li ' pona, tawa sina? :: Which color do you like?
kulupu :: adjective: communal, shared, public, of the society
kulupu (e ) :: verb transitive: to assemble, to call together, to convene
kulupu mama :: family
kulupu :: noun: group, community, society, company, people
kulupu pi kalama musi pi ma Inli li pona. :: The English rock band is good.
kulupu pi ma Inli pi kalama musi li pona. :: The English rock band is good.
kulupu pi tenpo mun :: Month
kulupu pi tenpo suno luka tu :: days of the week
kulupu pi toki pona :: the Toki Pona community
kute :: adjective: auditory, hearing
kute (e ) :: verb transitive: to hear, to listen,
kute :: noun: hearing, ear
lape :: adjective: sleeping, of sleep, dormant
lape :: adverb: asleep
lape (e ) :: verb transitive: to knock out
lape li ' pona. :: Sleep and rest are good.
lape :: noun: sleep, rest
lape pona! :: Sleep well! Have a good night!
lape :: verb intransitive: to sleep, to rest
la :: separator: A 'la' is between a conditional phrases and the main sentence. A context phrase can be sentence, half sentence or noun. Don't use 'la' before or after
laso :: adjective: bluish, bluey
laso :: blue, blue-green
laso jelo :: green (yellowish blue)
laso jelo / jelo laso :: yellowish blue (green)
laso loje / loje laso :: reddish blue (purple
laso loje :: purple (reddish blue)
laso :: noun: blue, blue-green
laso pimeja :: dark blue
lawa :: adjective: main, leading, in charge
lawa :: adverb: main, leading, in charge
lawa e pilin :: to master one's feelings, be composed
lawa (e ) :: verb transitive: to lead, to control, to rule, to steer
lawa :: noun: head, mind
len :: adjective: dressed, clothed, costumed, dressed up
len :: clothes, article of clothing, cloth, fabric
len (e ) :: verb transitive: to wear, to be dressed, to dress
len lawa :: hat, hood, bonnet, headdress
len ni li kule seme? :: What colour is this article of clothing?
len :: noun: clothing, cloth, fabric, network, internet
len pi jan Lisa :: Lisa's clothes
len pi jan Susan li ' jaki. :: Susan's clothes are dirty.
len pi loje en laso :: shirt of red and blue
lete :: adjective: cold, cool, uncooked, raw, perishing
lete :: adverb: bleakly
lete (e ) :: verb transitive: to cool down, to chill
lete lili li lon. :: It's cool.
lete li lon :: it's cold
lete li lon. :: It's cold.
lete mute li lon. :: It's very cold.
lete :: noun: cold, chill, bleakness
lili :: adjective: small, little, young, a bit, short, few, less
lili :: adverb: small, little, young, a bit, short, few, less
lili (e ) :: verb transitive: to reduce, to shorten, to shrink, to lessen
lili :: noun: smallness, youth, immaturity
lili :: small, short, thin, young
linja :: adjective: elongated, oblong, long
linja (lawa) :: hair
linja lili oko :: eyebrows, eyelashes
linja mi li ' telo. :: My hair is wet.
linja :: noun: long and flexible thing; string, rope, hair, thread, cord, chain, line, yarn
linja sinpin :: beard, facial hair
linja uta :: moustache
lipu :: adjective: book-, paper-, card-, ticket-, sheet-, page,-
lipu ni li ' lete pilin. :: This paper feels cold.
lipu :: noun: paper, book, card, ticket, sheet, (web-)page, list ; flat and bendable thing
lipu toki :: paper with written information, document, text, book
li :: separator: A 'li' is between any subject except 'mi' and 'sina' and its verb. Don't use 'li' before or after the other separators 'e', 'la', 'o', 'pi', '.', '!', '?', ':', ','.
loje :: adjective: reddish, ruddy, pink, pinkish, gingery
loje jelo :: orange (yellowish red)
loje laso (pimeja) :: (dark) blueish red, purple
loje :: noun: red
loje :: red
loje walo :: light red, pink
loje walo :: pink (whitish red)
lon :: adjective: true, existing, correct, real, genuine
lon :: noun: existence, being, presence
lon ona la mi ken lukin e ona. :: If it has suchness, we can see it.
, lon :: preposition: be (located) in/at/on
lon tenpo pi pali ala :: to be taking a sabbatical, break from work
lon :: verb intransitive: to be there, to be present, to be real/true, to exist
luka :: 5
luka :: adjective numeral: 5
luka :: adjective: tangible, palpable
luka :: hand, arm
luka luka :: 5 + 5 = 10
luka luka luka :: 5 + 5 + 5 = 15
luka luka tu :: 5 + 5 + 2 = 12
luka luka tu tu :: 5 + 5 + 2 + 2 = 14
luka luka tu wan :: 5 + 5 + 2 + 1 = 13
luka luka wan :: 5 + 5 + 1 = 11
luka mi li ' jaki. mi wile telo e ona. :: My hands are dirty. I want to wash them.
luka :: noun: arm, hand, tacticle organ
luka tu :: 5 + 2 = 7
luka tu tu :: 5 + 2 + 2 = 9
luka tu wan :: 5 + 2 + 1 = 8
luka wan :: 5 + 1 = 6
lukin :: adjective: visual(ly)
lukin :: adverb: visual(ly)
lukin :: auxiliary verb: to seek to, try to, look for
lukin :: aware, attentive
lukin e toki :: read
lukin (e ) :: verb transitive: to see, to look at, to watch, to read
lukin jo e pali :: to be looking for a job
lukin :: noun: view, look, glance, sight, gaze, glimpse, seeing, vision
lukin :: verb intransitive: to look, to watch out, to pay attention
lupa :: adjective:) hole-, holey, full of holes
lupa (e ) :: verb transitive: to pierce, to stab, to perforate
lupa :: hole, orifice
lupa jaki :: anus
lupa kute :: ear
lupa meli li mama ale. :: A woman's womb is the mother of all things.
lupa meli :: vagina
lupa (meli) :: vagina, pussy
lupa monsi :: anus
lupa nena :: nostrils
lupa ni li ' suli. :: That hole is big.
lupa :: noun: hole, orifice, door, window
lupa pi telo jelo :: urethra
lupa (tomo) :: window, door
ma :: adjective: countrified, outdoor, alfresco, open-air
ma ali li ' pona, tawa mi. :: All nations are good to me..
ma :: Ecology
ma Elopa li ' weka, tan ma Mewika. :: Europe is away from the USA.
ma Epanja :: Spain
ma Inli li ' pona. :: England is good.
ma Italija li ' pona lukin. :: Italy is beautiful.
ma Kanata li ' pona. :: Canada is good.
ma kasi :: forest, jungle
ma li lon anpa mi. :: The land is beneath me.
ma li lon noka mi. :: Land is under my feet.
ma li pona lukin. :: The countryside is good to look at.
mama :: adjective: of the parent, parental, maternal, fatherly, motherly, mumsy
mama :: a parent in general (mother or father)
mama (e ) :: verb transitive: to mother sb., to wet-nurse, mothering
mama meli :: mother
mama meli o awen! :: Mama, wait.
mama mije :: father
mama mi li ' moli la mi pilin ike. :: My parents die, I feel bad.
mama :: mother, father, parent
mama :: noun: parent, mother, father
mama ona li kepeken kasi nasa. :: His mother used pot.
mama pi mama mi :: my grandparent
ma Mewika li ' weka ala, tan ma Kupa. :: The USA is not away from Cuba.
ma mi li ' pimeja. :: My land is dark.
ma mi li ' Tosi. :: My homeland is Germany.
mani :: adjective: financial, financially, monetary, pecuniary
mani :: adverb: financially
mani :: noun: money, material wealth, currency, dollar, capital
mani pi ma ante li ' pona, tawa mi. :: I like currency of other nations.
ma :: noun: land, earth, country, (outdoor) area
ma pi jan Keli :: Keli's country
ma seme li ' pona, tawa sina? :: Which countries do you like?
ma sina :: your country
ma suli Amelika lete :: North America
ma suli Amelika seli :: South America
ma suli Amelika :: the Americas
ma suli Antasika :: Antarctica
ma suli Apika :: Africa
ma suli Asija :: Asia
ma suli Elopa :: Europe
ma telo :: mud, swamp
ma tomo Akajela :: Cairo (Egypt)
ma tomo Alana :: Atlanta (USA)
ma tomo Alawa :: Ottawa (Canada)
ma tomo Alenta :: Atlanta
ma tomo Alipasi :: Halifax (Canada)
ma tomo Anpu :: Hamburg (Germany)
ma tomo Ansetan :: Amsterdam (Netherlands)
ma tomo Asina :: Athens (Greece)
ma tomo :: city, town
ma tomo Ele :: Los Angeles (USA)
ma tomo Esupo :: Espoo (Finland)
ma tomo Iwesun :: Hilversum (Netherlands)
ma tomo Kakawi :: Calgary (Canada)
ma tomo Kenpisi :: Cambridge (USA, GB)
ma tomo Kunte :: Bangkok (Thailand)
ma tomo Lantan li ' suli. :: London is big.
ma tomo Lanten :: London
ma tomo Lanten :: London (England)
ma tomo lawa :: capital
ma tomo Lesinki :: Helsinki (Finland)
ma tomo Loma :: Rome
ma tomo Loma :: Rome (Italy)
ma tomo Manten :: Moncton (Canada)
ma tomo Mesiko :: Mexico City (Mexico)
ma tomo Milano :: Milan (Italy)
ma tomo mi li ' Pelin. :: My homecity is Berlin.
ma tomo Minsen :: Munich (Germany)
ma tomo Monkela :: Montreal (Canada)
ma tomo Napoli :: Naples (Italy)
ma tomo Nujoka :: New York City (USA)
ma tomo Osaka :: Osaka (Japan)
ma tomo Paki :: Paris (France)
ma tomo Pasen :: Boston (USA)
ma tomo Pelin :: Berlin
ma tomo Pelin :: Berlin (Germany)
ma tomo Peminan :: Birmingham (England)
ma tomo Pesin :: Beijing, Peking (China)
ma tomo Pilense :: Florence (Italy)
ma tomo Polan :: Portland (USA)
ma tomo Putapesi :: Budapest (Hungary)
ma tomo Sakata :: Jakarta (Indonesia)
ma tomo Sanpansiko :: San Francisco
ma tomo Sanpansiko :: San Francisco (USA)
ma tomo Sawi :: Sackville (Canada)
ma tomo Sene :: Geneva (Switzerland)
ma tomo Sensan :: St. John's (Canada)
ma tomo Sesija :: Shediac (Canada)
ma tomo Sije :: Dieppe (Canada)
ma tomo Solu :: Seoul (South Korea)
ma tomo Tanpele :: Tampere (Finland)
ma tomo Telawi :: Tel Aviv (Israel)
ma tomo Tokijo :: Tokyo (Japan)
ma tomo Towano :: Toronto (Canada)
ma tomo :: town
ma tomo Tuku :: Turku (Finland)
ma tomo Wankuwa :: Vancouver (Canada)
ma tomo Wenesija :: Venice (Italy)
ma Tosi :: Germany
meli :: adjective: female, feminine, womanly
meli en mije :: Gender
meli (insa) :: person who identifies as female, e.g. male-to-female transsexual person
meli Italija :: Italian woman
meli lili :: daughter
meli li lon sewi mije :: woman on top
meli li nasa e mije. :: Women will drive men crazy.
meli Mawija :: Maria
meli mije :: masculine girl, butch, tomboy
meli mi nanpa wan li ' nasa. :: My first girlfriend was crazy.
meli :: noun: woman, female, girl, wife, girlfriend
meli (olin) :: wife, girlfriend
meli pi pana moku :: waitress
meli sama :: sister
meli unpa :: female sexual partner
mi anpa e jan utala. :: I defeated the warrior.
mi en meli mi li ' wan. :: My girlfriend and I got married.
mi en sina li ' jan pona. :: You and I are friends.
mi ' jan Ken. / nimi mi li Ken. :: My name is Ken.
mi ' jan li ' suli. :: I am somebody and am important.
mi ' jan Pepe. :: I am Pepe.
mi ' jan pi toki pona. :: I am a Toki Ponan.
mi ' jan "Robert". :: I'm Robert.
mije :: adjective: male, masculine, manly
mije Epanja :: Spanish man
mije (insa) :: person who identifies as male, e.g. female-to-male transsexual person
mije lili :: son
mije li lon sewi meli :: missionary position
mije meli :: feminine guy
mije :: noun: man, male, husband, boyfriend
mije (olin) :: husband, boyfriend
mije sama :: brother
mije unpa :: male sexual partner
mi jo e ilo. :: I have a tool.
mi jo e kili. :: I have a fruit.
mi jo e tomo tawa sina. mi pana e ni tawa sina. :: I have your car. I give it to you.
mi jo e tomo tawa tu. :: I own two cars.
mi kalama, kepeken ilo. :: I make noise using an instrument.
mi kama e pakala. :: I caused an accident.
mi kama jo e telo. :: I got the water.
mi kama, tan ma Mewika. :: I come from America.
mi kama, tan ma suli Elopa. :: I come from Europe.
mi kama, tan ma tomo Pelin. :: I'm from Berlin.
mi ken ala ken pilin e monsi sina? :: may I touch your butt?
mi ken ala kute e toki sina. :: I can't hear your talking.
mi ken ala lape. :: I can't sleep.
mi kepeken ilo. :: I'm using tools.
mi kepeken poki li kepeken ilo moku. :: I'm using a bowl and a spoon.
mi kepeken poki ni. :: I'm using that cup.
mi kon e ilo suno. :: I blow out the candle.
mi kule e lipu :: I'm coloring the paper.
mi lape ala. :: I'm not sleeping.
mi lape la ali li ' pona. :: When I'm asleep, everything is good.
mi lape. mi sona. :: I sleep. I know.
mi lawa pona e jan. :: I lead people well.
mile moku e telo :: to be thirsty
mi lon ma kasi. :: I'm in the forest.
mi lon, tan seme? :: Why am I here?
mi lon tomo. :: I'm in the house.
mi lon. :: Yes, i do.
mi lukin ala e poki laso. :: I don't see the blue bag.
mi lukin e ma, lon poka pi jan pona mi. :: I look at the land with my friend.
mi lukin e ma, lon poka sina. :: I look at the land with you.
mi lukin e ma. ni li ' pona, tawa mi. :: I'm watching the countryside. This is good to me.
mi lukin e mije anu meli. :: I see a man or a women.
mi lukin e ni. :: I am looking at that.
mi lukin e soweli luka. :: I saw five mammals.
mi lukin e waso tu wan. :: I saw three birds.
mi lukin, kepeken ilo suno. :: I look using a flashlight.
mi lukin lili e ona. :: I barely saw it.
mi lukin sewi e tomo suli. :: I am looking up at the big building.
mi lukin taso e meli ni! :: I only looked at that girl!
(mi meli.) mi olin e meli. :: I am a lesbian
(mi mije.) mi olin e mije. :: I am gay (male)
mi moku e kili e telo. :: I eat/drink fruit and water.
mi moku e kili. :: I eat fruit.
mi moku e moku li lukin e ma. :: I eat the food and look at the landscape.
mi moku e telo, lon tenpo ni. :: I drink now.
mi ' moku. :: I am food.
mi moku. :: I eat.
mi moku. :: I'm eating.
mi moku, kepeken ilo moku. :: I eat using a fork/spoon/ any type of eating utensil.
mi moku lili e kili lili. :: I nibble (eat a little) the small fruit.
mi moku li pakala. :: I eat and destroy.
mi moku, lon poka sina. :: I'm eating beside [or with] you.
mi moku, lon tomo. :: I eat in the house.
mi moku mute. sina moku lili. :: I eat more than you.
mi moku, tan ni: mi wile moku. :: I eat because I'm hungry.
mi musi ala. :: I'm not having fun. / I'm bored.
mi musi taso. :: I'm just joking.
mi mute li moku e telo nasa mute. :: We drank a lot of vodka.
mi mute li pana e moku, tawa ona mute. :: We gave them food.
mi mute lukin mute e ma. :: I'm visibly increasing the size of the country.
mi mute o moku e kala! :: Let's eat fish.
mi mute o ' musi! :: Let's have fun.
mi mute o tawa! :: Let's go.
mi mute :: we, us
mi nanpa e mani mi, lon esun suli. :: I count my money at a supermarket.
mi olin e sina :: I love you
mi olin e sina. :: I love you.
mi olin kin e sina. :: I still love you. / I love you too.
mi pali mute la mi pilin ike. :: When I work a lot, I feel bad.
mi pali taso. :: I just work. (All I ever do is work.)
mi :: personal pronoun: I, we
mi pilin e ni: ona li jo ala e mani. :: I think that he doesn't have money.
mi pilin e ni: sina ike. :: I think this: You're bad.
mi pilin e seli sijelo sina. :: I feel your bodily warmth.
mi pilin ijo. :: I'm thinking (about) something.
mi pilin ike. :: I feel bad. / I feel sad.
mi pilin lete. :: I'm cold.
mi pilin pi meli ni. :: I'm thinking about that woman.
mi pilin pona. :: I feel good. / I feel happy.
mi pona e ale mi la mi pona e mi. :: When I improve all areas of my life, I am making myself good.
mi pona e ijo. :: I'm fixing something.
mi pona e ilo suno, kepeken ilo lili. :: I fixed the flashlight using a small tool.
mi pona e tomo, tawa jan pakala. :: I fixed the house for the disabled man.
mi pona e tomo tawa, kepeken ilo ni. :: I repair the car with this tool.
mi pona e tomo tawa. mi kepeken ilo ni. :: I repair the car. I use this tool.
mi pona e tomo tawa. mi wile kepeken ilo ni. :: I repair the car. I want to use this tool.
mi ' pona, tan ni: mi lon. :: I'm okay because I'm alive.
mi ' pona. taso meli mi li ' pakala. :: I'm okay. But my girlfriend is injured.
mi ' pona, tawa sina anu seme? :: Do you like me?
mi :: possessive pronoun: my, our
mi seme e jan telo nasa? :: What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor?
mi sewi. :: I get up.
mi sona ala e nimi pi ona mute. :: I don't know their names.
mi sona e ni taso. :: I know only that. (That's all I know.)
mi sona e tan. :: I know the reason. / I know why.
mi ' suli. :: I'm important. / I'm fat.
mi ' suli mute. sina ' suli lili. :: I'm bigger than you.
mi taso li lon. :: I'm alone.
mi tawa! :: Bye!
mi tawa e kiwen, tawa sewi. :: I'm moving the rock to the peak.
mi tawa e mi, tawa noka sina. :: I bow before you.
mi tawa e mi, tawa tomo mi. :: I'm moving myself to my house.
mi tawa :: I'm going. Bye!
mi tawa, lon poka sina. :: I'll walk beside you.
mi tawa supa lape. :: I'm going to bed.
mi tawa, tawa sina. :: I'll go to you.
mi tawa, tawa tomo mi. :: I'm going to my house.
mi tawa, tawa tomo pi telo nasa. :: I went to the pub.
mi tawa, tawa tomo toki. ona li ' pona, tawa mi. :: I go the chat room. It is good for me.
mi telo e mi. :: I wash myself.
mi telo e mi, lon tomo telo. :: I bathe myself in the restroom.
mi toki, tawa sina. :: I talk to you.
mi utala ike. :: I fight badly.
mi wawa ala. :: I'm not strong. / I'm weak.
mi weka e ijo tu ni. :: I got rid of those two things.
mi weka e ike jan la mi weka e ike mi. :: When I forgive somebody's wrongdoings, I cleanse myself of negativity.
mi ' weka. :: I was away.
mi wile ala e ijo. mi lukin taso. :: I don't want anything. I'm just looking.
mi wile ala pali. :: I'm lazy.
mi wile ala tawa musi. :: I don't want to dance.
mi wile ala toki, tawa sina. :: I don't want to talk to you.
mi wile e ilo moku. :: I need a fork.
mi wile e ni: mi lon tomo. :: I want this: I'm at home.
mi wile e sitelen ma. :: I want the map.
mi wile e soweli lili. :: I want a puppy.
mi wile e suwi! :: I want a cookie!
mi wile e suwi sin! :: I want another/more cookie(s)!
mi wile kama sona e toki Inli. :: I want to learn English.
mi wile kin tawa, tawa tomo mi. :: I still want to go to my house.
mi wile, lon tomo. :: I want in a house.
mi wile lon tomo. :: I want to be at home. / I want in a house.
mi wile lukin e ma ante. :: I want to see other countries.
mi wile lukin e ma e suno. :: I want to see the land and the sun.
mi wile lukin e ma. :: I want to see the countryside.
mi wile lukin e tomo mi. taso mi lon ma ante. :: I want to see my house. But I'm in a different country.
mi wile moku e kili loje. :: I want to eat a red fruit.
mi wile moku e waso. :: I want to eat chicken.
mi wile moku. taso mi jo ala e moku. :: I want to eat. But I don't have food.
mi wile pakala e sina. :: I must destroy you.
mi wile pana e ko jaki. :: I need to crap.
mi wile pana e telo jelo. :: I need to pee.
mi wile sin e telo pi lape ala. :: I need more coffee.
mi wile tawa. taso mi ken ala. :: I want to go, but I can't.
mi wile tawa, tawa ma suli Oselija. :: I want to go to Australia.
mi wile tawa, tawa ma Tosi. :: I want to go to Germany.
mi wile tawa tomo ona, kepeken tomo tawa mi. :: I want to go to his house using my car.
mi wile tawa weka. :: I want to leave.
mi wile toki meli. :: I want to talk about girls.
mi wile unpa e ona. :: I want to have sex with him/her.
mi wile unpa e sina :: I want to have sex with you
moku :: adjective: eating
moku :: adverb: eating
moku e telo nasa :: to drink alcohol
moku e telo :: to drink
moku (e ) :: verb transitive: to eat, to drink, to swallow, to ingest, to consume
moku :: food, meal, to eat, to drink
moku lili :: pill
moku lili pi pilin pona mute :: strong euphoric drug taken orally, e.g. MDMA
moku lili :: snack, small ingestible item
moku li lon insa mi. :: Food is inside me.
moku li pona, tawa ona. :: He loves to eat.
moku li ' pona. :: The food is good.
moku :: noun: food, meal
moku pona! :: Good food! Enjoy your meal!
moku suwi :: sweets, candy, chololate, etc.
moku telo :: liquid food, e.g. soup
moku walo :: whiteish food, e.g. rice
moli :: adjective: dead, dying, fatal, deadly, lethal, mortal, deathly, killing
moli :: adverb: mortally
moli (e ) :: verb transitive: to kill
moli :: noun: death, decease
moli :: verb intransitive: to die, to be dead
monsi :: adjective: back, rear
monsi :: back, behind, butt
monsi :: butt, ass
monsi :: noun: back, rear end, butt, behind
monsuta :: adjective: fearful, afraid
monsuta :: noun: monster, monstrosity, fearful thing, fright, mythical creatures, fear
monsuta waso pi pan linja li pali e ali. :: The Flying Spaghetti Monster has created the world.
mu :: adjective: animal nois-
mu :: adverb: animal nois-
mu (e ) :: verb transitive: to make animal nois
mu! :: interjection: woof! meow! moo! etc. (cute animal noise)
mu! :: Meow.
mu! :: Meow! Woof! Grrr! Moo! (sounds made by animals)
mu! :: meow, woof, moo, etc.
mun :: adjective: lunar
mun li pimeja (ale) :: it's new moon
mun li pimeja e suno :: solar eclipse
mun li sike (ale) :: it's full moon
mun :: noun: moon, lunar, night sky object, star
mu :: noun: animal noise
musi :: adjective: artful, fun, recreational
musi :: adverb: cheerfully
musi (e ) :: verb transitive: to amuse, to entertain
musi :: noun: fun, playing, game, recreation, art, entertainment
musi pona! :: Good fun! Have fun!
musi :: verb intransitive: to play, to have fun
mute :: adjective: many, very, much, several, a lot, abundant, numerous, more
mute :: adjective numeral: 20 (official Toki Pona book)
mute :: adverb: many, very, much, several, a lot, abundant, numerous, more
mute (e ) :: verb transitive: to make many or much
mute :: noun: amount, quantity
mute wan :: 20 + 1 = 21 (Is rarely used.)
namako :: adjective: spicy, piquant
namako (e ) :: verb transitive: to spice, to flavor, to decorate
namako :: noun: spice, something extra, food additive, accessory
nanpa :: adjective numeral: To build ordinal numbers.
nanpa (e ) :: verb transitive: to count, to reckon, to number
nanpa :: noun: number, numeral
nasa :: adjective: silly, crazy, foolish, drunk, strange, stupid, weird
nasa :: adverb: silly, crazy, foolish, drunk, strange, stupid, weird
nasa :: crazy, foolish
nasa (e ) :: verb transitive: to drive crazy, to make weird
nasa lukin :: funny-looking
nasa :: noun: stupidity, foolishness, silliness, nonsense, idiocy, obtuseness, muddler
nasin :: adjective: systematic, habitual, customary, doctrinal
nasin ale :: The Way of Life
nasin ante li ' pona, tawa jan ante. :: Different ways are good for different people.
nasin li jo e telo kiwen :: the roads are icy
nasin mani li ' ike. :: Capitalism is negative.
nasin :: noun: way, manner, custom, road, path, doctrine, system, method
nasin pi toki pona :: the ideology behind Toki Pona
nasin pona Juju :: Unitarian Universalism
nasin pona Lasapali :: Rastafarianism
nasin pona li ' mute. :: The good ways are many. There are many right ways of doing things.
nasin pona :: Taoism, simple or good path
nasin sewi Jawatu :: Judaism
nasin sewi Kolisu :: Christianity
nasin sewi ma :: earth religion, e.g. Native American beliefs
nasin sewi Patapali :: Pastafari
nasin sewi Puta :: Buddhism
nasin sewi :: religions
nasin sewi :: religion, spiritual path
nasin sewi Silami :: Islam
nasin tawa pi jan Nuton :: Newton's Laws
nena :: adjective: hilly, undulating, mountainous, hunchbacked, humpbacked, bumpy
nena kon :: nose
nena kute :: ear
nena (lawa) :: nose
nena lili pi nena mama :: nipples
nena lili (unpa) meli :: clitoris
nena mama, nena meli :: breasts
nena meli :: breasts
nena :: noun: bump, hill, extrusion, button, mountain, nose, protuberance
nena suli li pana e ko seli :: a volcano is erupting
ni :: adjective demonstrative pronoun: this, that
ni li ' ike, tawa mi :: That is bad to me. / I don't like that.
ni li jan lili ona nanpa tu. :: This is her second child.
ni li ' jan seme? :: Who is that?
ni li ' kule seme? :: What color is that?
ni li ' lete pilin mute. :: This is very cold.
ni li ' mute mute tu. :: The answer is 42.
ni li pona tawa mi. :: I like this.
ni li ' pona, tawa mi. :: That is good to me. / I like that.
ni li pona... :: This is good.
ni li ' seli pilin lili. :: This feels warm.
ni li suwi ala suwi? :: Does it sweeten?
ni li tawa jan pona mi. :: This is for my friend.
ni li tomo. mi pana e ni tawa sina. :: This is a house. I give it to you.
ni li tomo pi jan seme? :: Whose house is this?
nimi (e ) :: verb transitive: to name
nimi :: noun: word, name
nimi pi mi mute :: our names
ni :: noun demonstrative pronoun: this, that
noka :: adjective: foot-, lower, bottom
noka :: adverb: on foot
noka :: foot, leg
noka :: noun: leg, foot; organ of locomotion; bottom, lower part
o awen! :: Wait!
o, :: interjection: adressing people
o! :: interjection: hey! (calling somebody's attention)
o kalama ala! :: Don't make noise!
oko :: adjective: optical, eye-
oko :: eye
oko mi li lukin pona :: my eyes see well
oko :: noun: eye
oko sina li pona lukin :: you have beautiful eyes
olin :: adjective: love
olin e jan mute :: to be polyamorous
olin e meli e mije :: to love women and men
olin e meli :: to love women
olin e mije :: to love men
olin (e ) :: verb transitive: to love (a person)
olin :: noun: love
olin suli li ' awen. :: Old love never rusts.
olin :: to love (a person)
o lukin e ni! :: Watch this!
o lukin e pipi loje ni! :: Look at that red bug.
o moli e pipi, kepeken palisa. :: Kill the roach with the stick.
ona anu jan ante li ' ike? :: Is he bad, or is it the other person who's bad?
(ona) li ike :: (she/he/it) is bad, I don't like (her/him/it)
ona li ' jan pona pi kalama musi. :: He is a good musician.
ona li jo e seme? :: What does he have?
ona li kama, tawa ma mi. :: He's coming to my country.
ona li kama, tawa tomo mi. :: He came to my house.
ona li kule e tomo tawa. :: He's painting the car.
ona li lawa e jan, tawa ma pona. :: He led people to the good land.
:: ona li lawa utala e utala.
ona li lon ala lon tomo? :: Is he in the house?
ona li lon sewi mi. :: He is in my above, i.e. he is above me.
ona li lukin, sama pipi. :: He looks like a bug.
ona li mama ala mama? :: Does she mother (someone)?
ona li ' mama anu seme? :: Is she a mother (or what)?
ona li moku e kili. :: She's eating fruit.
ona li ' moku. :: It is food.
ona li pali e ni, kepeken nasin seme? :: How did she make that?
ona li pona e ilo, lon tomo ona. :: He repairs the tools in his house.
ona li pona e ilo. :: She's fixing the machine.
(ona) li pona :: (he/she/it) is good, I like (him/her/it)
ona li pona ike mute e ilo. :: He was very bad at fixing the machine.
ona li ' pona li ' lili. :: It is good and is small.
ona li ' pona li unpa. :: He's awesome and has sex.
(ona) li seme? :: what is (she/he) like?
ona li tawa ala tawa, tawa ma ike? :: Did he go to the evil land?
ona li tawa ala, tawa telo. :: He didn't go to the lake.
ona li tawa, tawa sewi kiwen. :: She's going up the rock.
ona li telo e ona. :: He washes himself.
ona li wile ala kute e ni. :: He shouldn't hear this.
ona li wile jo e ilo. :: He would like to have a tool.
ona li wile moku e telo. :: She is thirsty.
ona li wile mute e ni. :: He wants that a lot.
ona li wile pakala e ilo. :: He wants to destroy the tool.
ona mute li nasa e jan suli. :: They drove the adults crazy.
ona mute li tawa, tawa utala. :: They're going to the war.
ona mute li utala toki. :: They are arguing.
ona mute :: they, them
ona :: personal pronoun: she, he, it, they
ona :: possessive pronoun: her, his, its
ona telo e ona. :: She washes herself.
o olin e jan poka. :: Love thy neighbour.
o open e lupa! :: Open the door.
o pali! :: Work!
o pana e namako, tawa mi. :: Give me some spice.
o pana e pona tawa ma. :: Love the earth. Take care of our planet.
o pana e sike, tawa mi. :: Give the ball to me.
o pana e sitelen ma, tawa mi. :: Give me the map.
o pana e suwi, tawa mi! :: Give me a lollipop!
open :: adjective: initial, starting, opening
open :: auxiliary verb: to begin, to start
open (e ) :: verb transitive: to open, to start, to begin, to turn on
open la ala li lon! :: There was nothing in the beginning!
open la :: noun: at the opening, in the beginning
open :: noun: start, beginning, opening
o pilin e nena. :: Touch the button.
o pilin e uta mi, kepeken uta sina! :: Kiss me.
o ' pona! :: Be good!
o pu! :: Buy and read the official Toki Pona book!
o ! :: separator: An 'o' is used for imperative (commands): 'o' replace 'li'.
o sona ala. o pali. :: Stop thinking. Do stuff.
o sona e sina! :: Know thyself!
o ! :: subject: An 'o' is used for imperative (commands). 'o' replace the subject.
o tawa! :: Go!
o tawa musi, lon poka mi! :: Dance with me!
o tawa, tawa ma tomo, lon poka jan pona sina! :: Go to the city with your friend!
o tu. :: Break up. Split apart.
o tu e palisa ni. :: Split this stick.
o wan! :: Unite!
o weka e jan lili, tan ni. :: Remove the kid from here
o weka e len sina. :: Remove your clothes.
pakala :: adjective: destroyed, ruined, demolished, shattered, wrecked
pakala :: adverb: destroyed, ruined, demolished, shattered, wrecked
pakala (e ) :: verb transitive: to screw up, to ruin, to break, to hurt, to injure, to damage
pakala! :: F-ck!
pakala! :: F-ck! D-mn!
pakala! :: interjection: damn! fuck!
pakala :: noun: blunder, accident, mistake, destruction, damage, breaking
pakala :: verb intransitive: to screw up, to fall apart, to break
pali :: adjective: active, work-related, operating, working
pali :: adverb: actively, briskly
pali ala :: not working
pali e ike tawa :: to do bad things to, to show disrespect for
pali (e ) :: verb transitive: to do, to make, to build, to create
pali li pana e sona. :: One learns by experience.
pali :: noun: activity, work, deed, project
pali :: occupations
pali pona li lawa, tawa lon. :: Good work is most importand in live. / Order is the half of the live.
palisa :: adjective: long
palisa (e ) :: verb transitive: to stretch, to beat, to poke, to stab, to sexually arouse
palisa lili noka :: toes
palisa luka :: finger
palisa mije li lawa e mije. :: A man's penis control him.
palisa (mije) :: penis
palisa mije :: penis
palisa :: noun: long hard thing; branch, rod, stick, pointy thing
palisa :: penis-shaped thing, e.g. dildo
palisa sina li kiwen :: your cock is hard
palisa tawa :: vibrating dildo
palisa uta :: tongue
pali :: verb intransitive: to act, to work, to function
pali :: Work
pana :: adjective: generous
pana e ko jaki :: to pooh, to shit
pana e kon (pi pilin) pona :: to laugh
pana e moku tawa :: to feed, nourish
pana e palisa lon lupa :: to penetrate
pana e palisa uta lon :: to lick
pana e pilin pona tawa :: to send positivity to, make feel good
pana e sona :: to teach (give knowledge)
pana e telo jelo :: to pee, to urinate
pana e telo oko :: to cry, weep
pana e telo (walo) mije :: to ejaculate
pana e uta lon lupa (meli) :: to perform cunnilingus
pana e uta lon palisa :: to fellate
pana (e ) :: verb transitive: to give, to put, to send, to place, to release, to emit, to cause
pana :: noun: giving, transfer, exchange
pana wawa :: BDSM
pan (e ) :: verb transitive: to sow
pan ni li ' moku ike. :: This pasta is unappetizing.
pan :: noun: cereal, grain; barley, corn, oat, rice, wheat; bread, pasta
pilin :: adjective: sensitive, feeling, empathic
pilin :: adverb: perceptively
pilin ala :: indifferent, unfeeling
pilin e ike jan :: to pity somebody, feel bad for somebody
pilin e moli jan :: to mourn somebody
pilin (e ) :: verb transitive: to feel, to think, to touch, to fumble, to fiddle
pilin e weka jan :: to miss somebody
pilin :: feelings
pilin :: feelings, emotions, to feel, heart
pilin :: heart
pilin ike tan :: be afraid of, sad because of, regret, be offended by
pilin ike tawa :: to have negative feelings for, be upset at, angry at, hate, resent
pilin ike :: to feel bad, sad, depressed, unhappy, bitter, discontented, grumpy
pilin ike wawa :: to have intense negative feelings, be pissed off, furious
pilin nasa :: drunk, high
pilin nasa :: to feel silly, strange, weird, crazy, drunk, high
pilin :: noun: feelings, emotion, feel, think, sense, touch,
pilin pona li pana e sijelo pona. :: Positive feelings grant good health. Mind over matter.
pilin pona mute :: to feel great, amazing, awesome
pilin pona tan :: to feel good because of, to enjoy
pilin pona :: to feel good, happy, content, enjoy oneself, comfortable
pilin :: to feel, touch
pilin :: verb intransitive: to feel, to sense
pilin wawa :: to feel strong, energetic, excited, confident, proud
pilin wawa (unpa) :: orgasm
pimeja :: adjective: black, dark
pimeja :: black, dark
pimeja (e ) :: verb transitive: to darken
pimeja laso :: blueish black
pimeja li lon :: it is night
pimeja :: noun: darkness, shadows
pini :: adjective: completed, finished, past, done
pini :: adverb: ago, past, perfectly
pini :: auxiliary verb: to stop, to finish, to end, to interrupt
pini (e ) :: verb transitive: to end, to stop, to turn off, to finish, to close
pini li ' pona la ale li ' pona. :: Is the end good -- everything is good.
pini :: noun: end, tip
pini palisa :: glans, head of the penis
pini pi nena mama :: nipples
pipi li ' ike, tawa mi. :: I hate spiders.
pipi li lon ala lon poka mi? :: Is a bug beside me?
pipi li lon anpa mi. :: The bug is underneath me.
pipi li moku ala moku e kili? :: Are the bugs eating the fruit?
pipi li moku e kasi. :: Bugs eat plants.
pipi li moku e mi. :: The mosquito bit me.
pipi li ' moli. :: The bug is dead.
pipi :: noun: bug, insect, spider
pipi pi ma mama mi li ' lili. :: The insects of my homeland are small.
pipi seme li pakala e sina? :: Which bug hurt you?
pi :: separator: 'pi' is used to build complex compound nouns. 'pi' separates a (pro)noun from another (pro)noun that has at least one adjective. After 'pi' could only be a noun or pronoun.
poka :: adjective: neighbouring
poka mi li ' pakala. :: My hip hurts.
poka :: noun: side, hip, next to
poka sina la mi tawa. :: If at your side, I walk. / I'll walk beside you.
poka telo :: water side, the beach
poki (e ) :: verb transitive: to box up, to put in, to can, to bottle
poki :: glass, cup, bottle, bowl, container
poki kon :: lungs
poki lete :: refrigerator
poki ni li lon jaki. :: That bottle is in the dirt.
poki :: noun: container, box, bowl, cup, glass
poki seli :: oven, microwave
poki telo :: sink, bathtub
pona :: adjective: good, simple, positive, nice, correct, right
pona :: adverb: good, simple, positive, nice, correct, right
pona e pilin jan :: cheer up, make somebody happy
pona (e ) :: verb transitive: to improve, to fix, to repair, to make good
pona! :: interjection: great! good! thanks! OK! cool! yay!
pona la :: noun: if good, if simplicity, if positivity
pona la sina jo e mani. :: Luckily, you have money.
pona li kama. :: The good will come.
pona lukin :: beautiful, pretty, handsome
pona lukin :: pretty, attractive
pona moku :: delicious, tasty
pona :: noun: good, simplicity, positivity
pona unpa :: sexy, good in bed
pona! :: Yay! Good! Hoorah!
pu :: adjective: buying and interacting with the official Toki Pona book
pu :: auxiliary verb: to buying and interacting with the official Toki Pona book
pu (e ) :: verb transitive: to apply (the official Toki Pona book) to
pu :: noun: buying and interacting with the official Toki Pona book
pu :: verb intransitive: to buy and to read (the official Toki Pona book)
sama :: adjective: same, similar, equal, of equal status or position
sama :: adverb: just as, equally, exactly the same, just the same, similarly
sama (e ) :: verb transitive: to equate, to make equal, to make similar to
sama la :: noun: in case of equality, if parity, on identity
sama la sina en mi li utala ala. :: In case of equality we don't fight.
sama li ' ike. :: Equality is bad.
sama :: noun: equality, parity, equity, identity, par, sameness
sama pi ni en ona la mi wile jo e ni tu. :: If this and that is the same, I want both.
, sama :: preposition: like, as, seem
seli :: adjective: hot, warm, cooked
seli :: adverb: hot, warm, cooked
seli (e ) :: verb transitive: to heat, to warm up, to cook
seli lili li lon. :: It's warm.
seli li lon. :: It's hot.
seli li lon :: it's warm or hot
seli li lon la mi pana e telo, tan selo mi. :: When it's hot, I sweat.
seli mute li lon. :: It's very hot.
seli :: noun: fire, warmth, heat
seli suno li seli e tomo mi. :: The sun's warmth heats my home.
selo (e ) :: verb transitive: to shelter, to protect, to guard
selo lon pini palisa :: foreskin
selo mi li wile e ni: mi pilin e ona. :: My skin wants this: I touch it.
selo :: noun: skin, outer form, bark, peel, shell, skin, boundary, shape
seme li lon poka mi? :: Who/What is beside me?
seme li lon tomo mi? :: Who/What is in my house?
seme li moku e kili mi? :: Who/What is eating my fruit?
seme li ' pona, tawa sina? :: Who/What do you like?
seme li utala e sina? :: Who/What attacked you?
seme? :: Pardon?
seme :: question pronoun: what, which, wh- (question word)
: :: separator: A colon is between an hint sentences and a sentences. Before and after the colon has to be complete sentences. Don't use a colon before or after
, :: separator: A comma is used after an 'o' to addressing people. Optional you can putdone, finished, completed, ended, close a comma before a preposition. Don't use a comma before or after
. :: separator: A declarative sentence ends with a full stop. Don't use a full stop before or after the other separators 'e', 'la', 'li', 'pi', '.', '!', '?', ':'.
! :: separator: An imperative or an interjection sentence (exclamatory) ends with an exclamation mark. Don't use an exclamation mark before or after the other separators 'e', 'la', 'li', 'pi', '.', '!', '?', ':'.
? :: separator: An question (interrogative sentence) always ends with a question mark. Don't use a question mark before or after the other separators 'e', 'la', 'li', 'o', 'pi', '.', '!', '?', ':'.
" :: separator: Quotation marks are used for words with original spelling or for quotes.
sewi :: adjective: superior, elevated, religious, formal
sewi :: adverb: superior, elevated, religious, formal
sewi (e ) :: verb transitive: to lift
sewi li ' laso. :: The sky is blue.
sewi monsi :: upper back, shoulders
sewi :: noun: high, up, above, top, over, on
sewi pi sinpin lawa :: forehead
sewi :: verb intransitive: to get up
She increases the property very badly. ::
She increases the property very badly. :: ona li mute ike mute e jo.
She's good. ::
She's good. :: ona li ' pona.
She was barely dressed. ::
She was barely dressed. :: ona li len lili e ona.
sijelo :: adjective: physical, bodily, corporal, corporeal, material, carnal
sijelo :: adverb: physically, bodily
sijelo :: body
sijelo (e ) :: verb transitive: to heal, to heal up, to cure
sijelo :: Health
sijelo :: noun: body (of person or animal), physical state, torso
sike :: adjective: round, cyclical, of one year
sike :: adverb: rotated
sike (e ) :: verb transitive: to orbit, to circle, to revolve, to circle around, to rotate
sike mama waso :: egg
sike mije (tu) :: testicles, balls
sike :: noun: circle, ball, cycle, sphere, wheel; round or circular thing
sike tu :: bicycle
sin :: adjective: new, fresh, another, more
sin :: adverb: regenerative
sina jo e kili anu telo nasa? :: Do you have the fruit, or is it the wine that you have?
sina kama anu seme? :: Are you coming or what?
sina kama e ni: mi wile moku. :: You caused this: I want to eat. You made me hungry.
sina kama jo e jan pona, lon ni. :: You will get friends there.
sina kama, tan ma seme? :: Which country do you come from?
sina kama, tan seme? :: Why did you come?
sina ken ala ken kama? :: Can you come?
sina ken ala ken lape? :: Can you sleep?
sina kepeken ala kepeken ni? :: Are you using that?
sina kepeken seme? :: What are you using?
:: sina len nasa jaki e sina.
sina lon ala lon ma tomo Wankuwa? :: Do you live in Vancouver?
sina lon ma tomo seme? :: What city do you live in?
sina lon seme? :: Where are you?
sina lukin ala lukin e kiwen? :: Do you see the rock?
sina lukin ala lukin e sitelen tawa X-Files? :: Do you watch The X-Files?
sina lukin e jan seme? :: Whom did you see?
sina lukin e pipi. :: You're watching a bug.
sina lukin e seme? :: What are you watching?
sina lukin sewi e suno. :: You look up at the sun.
:: sina lukin unpa mute e mi.
sina moku e telo nasa la sina nasa. :: If you drink beer, you'll be silly.
sina ' moli la sina ken ala toki. :: If you are dead, you can't speak.
sina o telo e sina! :: Wash yourself!
sina pakala e ilo, kepeken nasin seme? :: How did you break the tool?
sina pakala e seme? :: What did you hurt?
sina pali e ni kepeken nasin seme? :: How did you make this?
sina pali e ni, kepeken seme? :: What did you use to work on this?
sina pana ala pana e moku tawa jan lili? :: Did you give food to the child?
sina pana e ike la sina kama jo e ike. :: If you give evil, you will receive evil.
sina :: personal pronoun: you
sina pilin e seme? :: What are you thinking?
sina pilin seme? :: how are you? how are you feeling?
sina pilin seme? :: How do you feel?
sina pona ala pona? :: Do you fix (something)?
sina ' pona anu seme? :: Are you OK (or what)?
sina pona pilin la ... :: If You are Happy ...
sina ' pona. :: You are good.
sina pona. :: You fix.
sina :: possessive pronoun: yours
sina sona ala sona e toki mi? :: Do you understand what I'm saying?
sina sona e toki ni la sina sona e toki pona! :: Figure this one out for yourself. :o)
sina ' suli a! :: You are so tall!
sina ' suli. :: You're tall.
sina suno mi. :: You are My Sunshine.
sina tawa, lon poka pi jan seme? :: Whom did you go with?
sina tawa ma tomo, tan seme? :: Why did you go to the city?
sina telo e sina. :: You wash yourself.
sina toki e ni, tawa mi: sina moku. :: You told me that you are eating.
sina toki, tawa jan seme? :: Whom are you talking to?
sina toki, tawa mi anu ona? :: Are you talking to me, or are you talking to him?
sina wile ala wile moku? :: Do you want to eat?
sina wile ala wile pali? wile ala. :: Do you want to work? No.
sina wile e mani anu seme? :: Do you want the money or what?
sina wile e moku anu telo? :: Do you want food, or do you want water?
sina wile kama anu seme? :: Do you want to come or what?
sina wile kama, tawa tomo toki. :: You should come to the chat room.
sina wile kepeken ilo. :: You have to use tools.
sina wile moku anu seme? :: Do you want to eat or what?
sina wile pali e seme? :: What do you want to do?
sina wile tawa, tawa ma seme? :: What place do you want to go to?
sina wile tawa, tawa telo suli. :: You want to go to the ocean.
sina wile toki e tan, tawa mi. :: You have to tell me why.
sina wile toki, tawa mije anu meli? :: Do you want to talk a male, or a female?
sin en ante li sin e lawa li pana e sona. :: Novelty and change freshen the mind and bring insight.
sin (e ) :: verb transitive: to renew, to renovate, to freshen
sin :: noun: news, novelty, innovation, newness, new release
sinpin :: adjective: facial, frontal, anterior, vertical
sinpin (lawa) :: face
sinpin :: noun: face, foremost, front, wall, chest, torso
sitelen :: adjective: figurative, pictorial, metaphorical, metaphorisch
sitelen :: adverb: pictorially
sitelen e toki :: to write
sitelen (e ) :: verb transitive: to draw, to write
sitelen lape :: dreams
sitelen ma :: map
sitelen :: noun: picture, image, representation, symbol, mark, writing
sitelen tawa 'Bowling for Columbine' li pona kin. :: The movie 'Bowling for Columbine' is also good.
sitelen tawa 'Fahrenheit 9/11' li pona, tawa mi. :: I like the movie 'Fahrenheit 9/11'.
sitelen tawa :: movie, TV show
sitelen toki :: writing
sitelen unpa :: visual erotica, porn
sona :: adjective: knowing, cognizant, shrewd
sona :: auxiliary verb: to know how to
sona e toki :: to know, speak, understand a language
sona (e ) :: verb transitive: to know, to understand, to know how to
sona mute :: smart, intelligent, wise
sona :: noun: knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, understanding
sona pona e toki :: to master a language
sona :: verb intransitive: to know, to understand
sona :: Wisdom
soweli :: adjective: animal
soweli li kama moli. :: The cheetah is dying.
soweli li toki e mu. :: Cows say moo.
soweli :: meat from a mammal, e.g. beef, pork
soweli mi li kama moli. :: My dog is dying.
soweli ni li ' pona moku. :: This cow is good to eat.
soweli :: noun: animal, especially land mammal, lovable animal, beast
soweli pi poki sinpin :: kangaroo
suli :: adjective: big, tall, long, adult, important
suli :: adverb: big, tall, long, adult, important
suli :: big, tall, fat
suli (e ) :: verb transitive: to enlarge, to lengthen
suli :: noun: size
suno :: adjective: sunny, sunnily
suno :: adverb: sunny, sunnily
suno (e ) :: verb transitive: to light, to illumine
suno li ' jelo. :: The sun is yellow.
suno li lon :: it is day
suno li lon :: it's sunny
suno li lon poka pimeja. :: Light is beside darkness. Opposites are interconnected. Yin and yang.
suno li lon sewi mi. :: The sun is above me.
suno li lon sewi. :: The sun is in the sky.
suno li ' suli. :: The sun is big.
suno li suno. :: The sun is shining.
suno :: noun: sun, light
suno pona! :: Good sun! Good day!
supa :: adjective: flat, shallow, flat-bottomed, horizontal
supa lape :: bed
supa lawa :: pillow
supa moku :: dinner table
supa monsi :: chair, couch
supa :: noun: horizontal surface, e.g furniture, table, chair, pillow, floor
supa pali :: work desk
supa :: table, chair, sofa, ...
suwi :: adjective: sweet, cute
suwi (e ) :: verb transitive: to sweeten
suwi lukin :: cute
suwi :: noun: candy, sweet food
suwi :: sweet
tan :: adjective: causal,
tan ni la mi sona e nasin. :: If this is the cause, we know the solution.
tan :: noun: origin, cause
, tan :: preposition: from, by, because of, since
tan :: verb intransitive: to come from, originate from, come out of
taso :: adjective: only, sole
taso :: adverb: only, just, merely, simply, solely, singly
taso :: conjunction: but, however
taso ni la mi pilin pona. :: Only this one makes me feel good.
taso tenpo pimeja pini la mi kama nasa. :: But, Last night, I became drunk.
tawa :: adjective: moving, mobile
tawa :: adverb: moving, mobile
tawa (e ) :: verb transitive: to move, to displace
tawa mi la mi pilin pona. :: Am I in motion, I feel good.
tawa musi :: dance (move entertainingly)
tawa :: noun: movement, transportation
tawa pona! :: Good bye (spoken by the person who's staying)
tawa pona! :: (in reply) Go well! Good bye!
, tawa :: preposition: to, in order to, towards, for, until
tawa :: verb intransitive: go to, walk, travel, move, leave
telo :: adjective: wett, slobbery, moist, damp, humid, sticky, sweaty, dewy, drizzly
telo :: adverb: wett, slobbery, moist, damp, humid, sticky, sweaty, dewy, drizzly
telo e mi :: to shower
telo (e ) :: verb transitive: to water, to wash with water, to put water to, to melt, to liquify
telo jaki lon nena sinpin :: snot
telo jelo :: urine, pee
telo kili :: juice
telo kili ni li ' suwi. :: This fruit drink is sweet.
telo kiwen :: ice
telo kiwen lili li kama :: it's hailing
telo li kama :: it's raining
telo lili li lon kon :: it's humid
telo li pona. :: Water is cleaning.
telo li ' pona. :: Water is good.
telo li ' pona. :: Water is simple.
telo li ' suli. :: The lake is big.
telo loje :: blood
telo (loje) mun :: menses
telo mama soweli :: cow milk
telo nasa :: alcohol, beer, wine
telo nasa :: alcohol, e.g. beer, wine, whisky
telo nasa :: intoxicating liquid, e.g. alcohol
telo nasa pi wawa ala :: weak beer, US American beer
telo nasa wawa :: vodka, whisky,
telo :: noun: water, liquid, juice, sauce
telo ona :: his/her/its water
telo pi lape ala :: coffee
telo seli :: hot beverage, e.g. coffee
telo seli jelo :: green tea
telo seli pimeja pi lape ala :: coffee
telo seli wawa :: coffee
telo suli li ' ike, tawa mi. :: I don't like the ocean.
telo suli li ' laso. :: The big water [ocean] is blue.
telo suli li lon monsi mi. :: The sea is behind me.
telo (walo) mije :: sperm, come
telo :: water, beverage, liquid, sauce
telo wawa :: energy drink
tenpo :: adjective: temporal, chronological, chronologic
tenpo :: adverb: chronologically
tenpo ala :: never
tenpo ale :: always, all the time
tenpo ali la o kama sona! :: Always learn!
tenpo kama :: future
tenpo kama la mi lape. :: In the future, I'll sleep.
tenpo kama lili :: soon (little coming time)
tenpo kama :: the future (coming time)
tenpo lete :: winter
tenpo lili :: in a while
tenpo lili la mi wile weka :: I must leave soon
tenpo lili :: soon, moment, briefly
tenpo li sijelo e sijelo ike ale. :: The time heals every wounds.
tenpo li tawa la sona li kama. :: Time comes -- advice comes.
tenpo moku :: mealtime
tenpo mun :: month
tenpo mun nanpa luka luka :: October
tenpo mun nanpa luka luka tu :: December
tenpo mun nanpa luka luka wan :: November
tenpo mun nanpa luka :: May
tenpo mun nanpa luka tu :: July
tenpo mun nanpa luka tu tu :: September
tenpo mun nanpa luka tu wan :: August
tenpo mun nanpa luka wan :: June
tenpo mun nanpa tu :: February
tenpo mun nanpa tu tu :: April
tenpo mun nanpa tu wan :: March
tenpo mun nanpa wan :: January
tenpo mute :: often (many times)
tenpo mute :: often, many times
tenpo ni la mi lon. :: At this time, I am here.
tenpo ni la mi moku e telo. :: If it's now, I'll drink. / I drink now.
tenpo ni :: now
tenpo ni :: the present (this time)
tenpo :: noun: time, period of time, moment, duration, situation, occasion
tenpo pimeja :: night
tenpo pimeja :: night (dark time)
tenpo pimeja ni la mun li ' suli. :: The moon is big tonight.
tenpo pimeja ni :: tonight (this dark time)
tenpo pimeja pini la mi lukin e sitelen tawa X-Files. :: Last night I watched X-Files.
tenpo pimeja pini :: last night (past dark time)
tenpo pi mute seme la sina sike e suno? :: How old are you?
tenpo pini la mi ' weka. :: In the past, I was away.
tenpo pini :: past
tenpo pini :: the past (past time)
tenpo seli :: summer
tenpo seme la ona li kama lon tomo sina? :: When is he coming to your house?
tenpo seme? :: when?
tenpo sike :: year
tenpo sin :: again
tenpo suli :: long time
tenpo suno :: day
tenpo suno :: day (sun time)
tenpo suno kama la mi wile pali. :: I have to work tomorrow.
tenpo suno kama :: tomorrow
tenpo suno kama :: tomorrow (coming sun time)
tenpo suno nanpa luka :: Friday
tenpo suno nanpa luka tu :: Sunday
tenpo suno nanpa luka wan :: Saturday
tenpo suno nanpa tu :: Tuesday
tenpo suno nanpa tu tu :: Thursday
tenpo suno nanpa tu wan :: Wednesday
tenpo suno nanpa wan :: Monday
tenpo suno ni :: today
tenpo suno ni :: today (this sun time)
tenpo suno pini :: yesterday
tenpo suno pini :: yesterday (past sun time)
tenpo suno sin ale la sina moku e telo seli pimeja :: Every morning I drink coffee.
tenpo suno sin :: morning
tenpo telo :: rainy season
tenpo :: time
tenpo tu tu la mi sike e suno. :: Four times (la) I circled the sun.
The garbage dirtys me something. :: jaki li jaki lili e mi.
The guy improve useful the tool. :: jan li pona ilo e ilo.
The machine raises up the roof. :: ilo li sewi sewi e sewi.
The sun shines warmly on the land. ::
The sun shines warmly on the land. :: suno li suno seli e ma.
toki :: adjective: speaking, eloquent, linguistic, verbal, grammatical
toki :: adverb: speaking, eloquent, linguistic, verbal, grammatical
toki Epelanto :: Esperanto
toki Epelanto li ' pona. :: Esperanto ist einfach.
toki (e ) :: verb transitive: to speak, to talk, to say, to pronounce, to discourse
toki! :: Hello!, Hi!
toki ike lon :: to say bad things about, complain about
toki ike tawa :: to say bad things to, insult, speak rudely to
toki ike :: to say negative things
toki Inli :: English
toki Inli li ' pona. :: The English language is good.
toki! :: interjection: hello, hi, good morning,
toki Kanse :: French language
toki kepeken toki ... :: to speak in a language
toki :: language
toki :: Language
toki li ' pona. :: communication is good.
toki li ' pona, tawa mi. :: I like talking. / I like languages.
toki mi li ' Tosi. :: My mother tongue is German.
toki nanpa wan :: primary language
toki :: noun: language, speech, tongue, lingo, jargon,
toki pona e toki :: to speak a language well
toki pona li ' pona, tawa mi. :: I like Toki Pona.
toki pona li toki pona. :: Toki Pona is a good language.
toki pona lon :: to say good things about, praise
toki pona tawa :: to say nice things to, compliment
toki pona :: to say nice things
toki sitelen :: written language
toki sona :: proverbs
toki tan toki pi jan Pokakijo :: Giovanni Boccaccio's Dekameron
toki utala pi pimeja soweli :: a donkey's shadow
toki utala tawa :: to argue with, criticize
toki :: verb intransitive: to talk, to chat, to communicate
tomo :: adjective: urban, domestic, household
tomo :: adverb: urban, domestic, household
tomo :: buildings
tomo (e ) :: verb transitive: to build, to construct, to engineer
tomo lape :: bedroom
tomo li lon sinpin mi. :: The house is in front of me.
tomo mani :: bank
tomo mi li ' weka, tan ni. :: My house is away from here.
tomo moku :: dining room, kitchen, grocery store, restaurant
tomo moku :: grocery store, restaurant
tomo ni li pakala. :: This house is falling apart.
tomo :: noun: indoor constructed space, e.g. house, home, room, building
tomo pali :: work(place), office, factory, etc.
tomo pi jan Keli en mije ona li suli. :: The house of Keli and her boyfriend is big.
tomo pi jan Lisa :: Lisa's house
tomo pi mi mute li ' pakala. :: Our house is messed up.
tomo pi ona mute :: their house
tomo pi telo en moku pana. :: restaurant
tomo pona mi :: my nice house
tomo sona :: school, university
tomo tawa :: car (moving construction)
tomo tawa kon :: airplane, helicopter
tomo tawa telo :: boat, ship
tomo telo :: bathroom
tomo telo :: restroom
tomo unpa :: bedroom, boudoir
tomo unpa :: brothel, sex house
tomo unpa :: sex place, e.g. bedroom, boudoir, brothel, etc.
tu :: 2
tu :: adjective numeral: 2
tu (e ) :: verb transitive: to divide, to double, to separate, to cut in two
tu :: noun: duo, pair
tu tu :: 2 + 2 = 4
tu wan :: 2 + 1 = 3
' :: unofficial: For clarification the missing verb 'to be' can be marked with an apostrophe.
# :: unofficial: Number sign
unpa :: adjective: erotic, sexual
unpa :: adverb: erotic, sexual
unpa (e ) :: verb transitive: to have sex with, to sleep with, to fuck
unpa li pona :: sex is good, I like sex
unpa nasa :: kinky sex
unpa :: noun: sex, sexuality
unpa sama soweli :: doggy style
unpa :: sex, to have sex, to fuck
unpa uta :: oral sex
unpa :: verb intransitive: to have sex
uta :: adjective: oral
uta :: adverb: orally
uta e :: to kiss, to osculate,
uta (e ) :: verb transitive: to kiss, to osculate, to oral stimulate, to suck
utala :: adjective: fighting
utala :: adverb: fighting
utala (e ) :: verb transitive: to hit, to strike, to attack, to compete against
utala li ' ike. :: Conflict is bad.
utala li ' ike, tawa mi. :: I don't like wars.
utala :: noun: conflict, disharmony, fight, war, battle, attack, violence
uta :: mouth
uta :: noun: mouth, lips, oral cavity, jaw, beak
walo :: adjective: white, whitish, light-coloured, pale
walo (e ) :: verb transitive: to whiten, to whitewash
walo :: noun: white thing or part, whiteness, lightness
walo pimeja :: grey (dark white)
walo uta :: teeth
walo :: white, light
wan :: 1
wan :: adjective numeral: 1
wan (e ) :: verb transitive: to unite, to make one
wan :: noun: unit, element, particle, part, piece
wan sijelo :: body part
waso :: adjective: bird-
waso :: chicken, poultry
waso li ken ala lukin la ona li ken kin jo e kili. :: A blind chicken can find a corn too.
waso li tawa, lon kon. :: Birds fly in air.
waso :: noun: bird, bat; flying creature, winged animal
wawa :: adjective: energetic, strong, fierce, intense, sure, confident
wawa :: adverb: strongly, powerfully
wawa (e ) :: verb transitive: to strengthen, to energize, to empower
wawa li lon insa. :: Energy comes from inside. Youth is all in the heart.
wawa :: noun: energy, strength, power
weka :: adjective: absent, away, ignored
weka e ike jan :: forgive somebody
weka (e ) :: verb transitive: to remove, to eliminate, to throw away, to get rid of
weka lili li ' pona, tawa lawa. :: Temporary isolation is good for meditation.
weka :: noun: absence
wile :: auxiliary verb: to want, need, wish, have to, must, will, should
wile e pona tawa jan :: to wish somebody well
wile (e ) :: verb transitive: to want, need, wish, have to, must, will, should
wile ike :: to have negative intentions, malevolent
wile lape :: to be tired, sleepy, wanting to rest
wile lawa :: to be dominant
wile moku e telo :: thirsty
wile moku :: hungry
wile moku :: to be hungry
wile moli e jan :: homicidal, wanting to murder
wile moli :: suicidal
wile mute ike :: to want too much, greedy
wile mute :: to crave, really want
wile :: noun: desire, need, will
wile pali e ijo :: bored, wanting to do something
wile pana e pona (tawa jan) :: helpful (to someone)
wile pi jan ike li pakala e ijo. :: The desires of evil people mess things up.
wile pona :: to have good intentions, mean well
wile sona li mute e sona. :: Curiosity feeds wisdom. One learns by asking questions.
wile :: to want, desire, would like, hope
wile unpa e meli e mije :: to be sexually attracted to women and men
wile unpa e meli :: to be sexually attracted to women
wile unpa e mije :: to be sexually attracted to men
wile unpa :: horny
wile unpa :: horny, lustful
You dress disgustingly silly. :: sina len nasa jaki e sina.
You're looking at me very sexy. :: sina lukin unpa mute e mi.
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