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Planning Domain Description Language (PDDL) grammar, syntax highlighting, code snippets, parser and planner integration for Visual Studio Code.
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client - VAL update Sep 11, 2019

Contributing to vscode-pddl extension

Are you looking for the End-user documentation.

Building extension

Run npm install.

This will ensure the extension dependencies are downloaded using the --no-optional switch.

Packaging extension

Install the VS Code extension packaging tool:

npm install -g vsce

The extension must be packaged on computers that have the npm version <= 5.5.1 installed globally. This is because of an issue with optional dependencies that vsce is wrongly enforcing via the npm list --production --parsable --depth=99999 command.

Extension packaging and publishing is automated by the client/publish.cmd script - obviously only defined for Windows.

Making a release

Modify following files:

  • Update the version in client/package.json
  • Update the version in client/publish.cmd
  • Add section about new features and fixes on top of the client\ and refer to Git tag at the bottom of the file
  • Add end-user documentation about new features to client\


Icons made by Pixel perfect from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY.

Development of this extension was supported by Schlumberger. Visit

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