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Keyboard shortcuts

Jan Dolejší edited this page Mar 27, 2018 · 4 revisions

Keyboard shortcuts for working with PDDL in VS Code

It maybe useful to print this page, clip the table below and glue it to the side of your monitor.

Action Windows Mac Description
Plan Alt+p + p Invokes the planner when corresponding domain and problem files are open
Command... Ctrl+Shift+P ++P Opens the command pallet. Start typing PDDL to filter available commands
Open file.. Ctrl+P +P Drops down list of files in the workspace
Jump to action Ctrl+Shift+O ++O In the domain file this shortcut shows the list of predicates, functions and actions. Start typing to filter the list, press Enter to jump.
Jump to predicate/function declaration F12 F12 Place cursor inside predicate/function name. This shortcut jumps to the declaration in the domain file.
Rename F2 F2 Lets you type a new name for function, predicate or type. Press Enter to rename globally.
Show next error F8 F8 Jumps to the next parsing error or other issue in the file. Use Shift+F8 to jump backwards.
Comment out Ctrl+/ +/ Comments/un-comments current line of code
Indent Ctrl+] +] Indent selected code
Un-indent Ctrl+[ +[ Un-indent selected code
Show/hide sidebar Ctrl+B +B Get more screen space for your PDDL
Show/hide output panel Ctrl+J +J Get more screen space for your PDDL by collapsing the bottom output/terminal panel
Enlarge font Ctrl+= += Makes the font (and everything else) bigger
Smaller font Ctrl+- +- Makes the font smaller
Fold Ctrl+Shift+[ ++[ Folds the innermost uncollapsed region at the cursor
Unfold Ctrl+Shift+] ++] Unfolds the collapsed region at the cursor
Fold All Ctrl+K Ctrl+0 (zero) +K +0 (zero) Folds all regions in the editor
Unfold All Ctrl+K Ctrl+J +K +J Unfolds all regions in the editor

See/print other keyboard shortcuts for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Configure your own keyboard shortcuts.