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Idea/Feature Request: Arbitrary job order #37

larsxschneider opened this Issue Dec 20, 2013 · 7 comments


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larsxschneider commented Dec 20, 2013


thanks for your great plugin. Is there a way to define an arbitrary job order? Right now it is sorted alphabetically.

  • Lars

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jan-molak commented Dec 23, 2013

Hi Lars and thanks for your feedback. I'm glad that you're finding this plugin useful :)

There isn't a way to define an arbitrary job order yet, I'm afraid.
However, since there's another ticket requesting this functionality (#22) I'll probably work on it once I'm done with adding support for automatically re-establishing lost connectivity with Jenkins.

If you have a cool idea how re-ordering jobs could be achieved perhaps you'd like to contribute to this project? My initial thoughts were that this could be done within the Build Monitor view itself by implementing drag-and-drop and probably persisting the change in a cookie (or maybe submitting it back to the Jenkins mother ship? I'm not sure yet).

Obviously, when implementing re-ordering, things to consider would be that:

  • one Jenkins server has multiple clients, so one Build Monitor can be displayed on numerous devices
  • devices can have different screen sizes and ordering that makes sense on a 50" plasma TV might not make sense on a screen of a laptop, tablet or a phone.
  • a user should be able to immediately see what the effects of his change are, that's why I'm thinking of implementing the ordering as drag'n'drop, rather than using a box standard Jenkins config form.

What do you think?


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drekbour commented Jan 8, 2014

There are two types of ordering being mentioned on this topic

  • Structural ordering - sort by name, sort by display-name, "important" jobs being bigger or build pipelines being horizontal etc
    • This could be discernible by the plugin - inspection of jobs to determine precedence and impact
    • Possibly build-pipeline-plugin should have special support such that its composed jobs are all rendered as one or something similar. This is not in scope of this issue but does demonstrate that most structural ordering items should be treated as independently feature additions.
    • This sort of thing should probably be configured in the Jenkins XML settings for the view
  • Free ordering - device/user specific.
    • This should be stored in the cookie and will naturally override any structural ordering.
    • Jobs may come and go making the whole idea of "free" positioning/sizing complicated.

I think that these are two completely different Issues and should be implemented as such.

jan-molak added a commit that referenced this issue Jan 11, 2014


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pkuczynski commented Jan 22, 2014



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anpross commented Jun 27, 2014

i just build something like this - anpross@c6c503b - it adds a Order Parameter field which accepts a comma-separated list of job names. I added some JS to hide it when the existing options are selected - dont know if there is maybe a more simple way in jenkins plugin development to do this.


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nigjo commented Sep 4, 2014

Another (simple?) addition to d01494c would be "FullDisplayName" as your Plugin now supports Folders. This will "group" the jobs automatically in some way.


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jan-molak commented Jan 25, 2015

@nigjo - ordering by full display name is supported as of 1.6+build.138


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nigjo commented Jan 28, 2015

@jan-molak thanks a lot. But its just "Full Name", not "Full Display Name" ;)

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