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This release comes with quite a few new features, bug fixes as well as performance and accessibility improvements. Sit back, grab a cup of your afternoon hot beverage of choice, ask Jenkins to upgrade Build Monitor to the latest version and enjoy reading the release notes ;-)

It's all in the headline

With this release, Build Monitor will tell you quite a few new things about your builds!

For example:
aborted build

  • When a build gets aborted, you'll know who aborted it. Also, an aborted build is now easier to distinguish from a failing one (#103, #218)
    new headlines
  • When a build is fixed, the brave engineer who fixed it can have their moment of glory when their name appears on the screen - thanks for the idea @yveshanoulle and for the implementation @ChadiEM 👍 (#202, #250)
  • When a build contains new code changes, you'll know whose changes are being built (#164)
  • ... or not! Because displaying people's names is now optional, so if you prefer Build Monitor to be a bit more discreet and keep this knowledge to itself, untick the "Display committers" option in the Build Monitor view settings (#243, #203).

Having said that, please remember that claiming a broken build also hides the names of possible culprits! It is also a great way to show that someone is actively working on addressing the failure.

html in description

You've also asked for the Build Monitor to support HTML content set using the Build Description Setter Plugin, such as links. Good news, you can do this now too! (#238, #222).
By the way, to prevent any XSS vulnerabilities, only regular, safe HTML works.

OK, so now onto the accessibility features!


reduce motion in accessibility settings

- The amount of animation Build Monitor uses can be reduced to make the screen a bit easier on your eyes when there are multiple jobs in progress. You can enable this feature by ticking **"Reduce Motion"** in the settings (#184) - You've probably also noticed the new slider component? I've replaced the old one in favour of [rzSlider]( as it **supports click events** and it's much easier to use on smart TVs (#217) - A bug that caused the state of "Colour blind mode" setting check box to be reflected incorrectly when the browser was reloaded got squashed now too.


There are quite a few improvements here as well:

  • Build Monitor needs much less CPU power, which should make the life of Raspberry PIs and laptop batteries a little bit easier (#230)
  • Also, the memory consumption over prolonged sessions on machines with no access to the Internet has been reduced (#200)

I've also done a lot of work refactoring the codebase so that it's easier to introduce new features and make Build Monitor even more useful, for example:

  • the project no longer uses the ancient Angular 1.1, it's now on nice 'n' shiny 1.5.8
  • a JobView model is now a composite of different features that a job might have. This should make adding support for pipelines and folders a lot easier.
  • also thanks to @SosoTughushi for helping out with making Sonar happier 😃 (#236, #237)
  • and to @TobiX for potenially resolving the problem with proxy servers cashing the CSRF token (#166)

Phew, that was quite a bundle!

Please upgrade your Build Monitor as soon as you can, give this project a ★ if you find it useful and feel free to ping me on Twitter @JanMolak if you have any questions or feedback!

All the best,
Jan Molak

I've been getting plenty of positive feedback and quite a few questions after my talks on the Screenplay Pattern and scalable BDD.

I've also answered some of the questions related to applying SOLID design principles to acceptance tests in this article. So if you still have your hot beverage of choice, I invite you to finish it while reading the article and tell me what you think in the comments! 😃

Do you find Build Monitor useful? Support its development :)

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