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This version of Build Monitor brings quite a few changes, so grab your beverage of choice and enjoy reading the change log 😄

  • The way "culprits" are displayed has been changed significantly to address issues #138 and #151.
    Turns out that Jenkins doesn't cache culprit names and looks them up every single time the #getCulprits method is called. As there is no caching built-in and the call itself is expensive, this resulted in Build Monitor taking a performance hit in situations where a build's been failing for a long time and there was a large number of committers who pushed their changes over such broken build...
    Now, even though committing over a broken build or leaving it broken are "Bad Things To Do"®, this is no excuse for Build Monitor being sluggish ;-)
    As the second conclusion I came to was that displaying a long list of culprits wasn't particularly useful anyway, the new approach is this:
    If the build is broken - display the author(s) of the offending commit:
    If there's a number of failed builds, display how many exactly:
  • To help you keep up to date, Build Monitor will now check if there's been a new release since your last update and display a subtle notification if that's the case:
    new version available new version available detail
  • Also, the version of your Build Monitor is displayed in the footer so you don't have to be a Jenkins administrator to see if you're up to date:
    version in the footer
  • Another thing is that in order to help avoid performance issues and better understand how Build Monitor is used out there in the wild, the app will now gather anonymous usage statistics.
  • One last thing is that this release also brings a fix to #183, which prevented Build Monitor from loading its UI assets if they're stored on a shared Windows network drive defined using a UNC path.
  • OK, maybe one more thing: Build Monitor is now using the Release Candidate Maven plugin which helps with retrieving and setting the project version during the CI process, if you're using Maven and doing Continuous Delivery you might want to check it out!

I hope you like the new features and fixes. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Twitter!


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