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This release brings support to some of the new features of the Build Failure Analyzer Plugin, closing #148, #170 and #228.
In short, you can now provide your fellow devs with more detail when the reason of a build failure is found.

How do you do this? As I continue to replace a traditional user guide with acceptance tests, I'll suggest that you follow an example from the new acceptance test: "Displaying the number of failed tests" and let me know if you found it easy to follow 😃

Of course, displaying the number of failed tests is just one example usage! Will you use this feature for any other purpose? Let me know!


I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the latest changes, and don't forget to 👍 the ideas and suggestions you'd like to see implemented next!

Oh, and one more thing! I'm planning to write an article on how the Screenplay Pattern and Serenity BDD are used on Build Monitor. If you don't want to miss it, follow me on Twitter and Medium!

Jan Molak

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