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A Sketch plugin to switch faster between your latest artboards
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Artboard History - Sketch plugin

Switch faster between your latest used Artboards inside Sketch

Limitations (for now):

  • Switch between two Artboards (opt + cmd + a), can be done infinitely.
  • only works within one document (the history is overwritten when opening another document / works with the current used document only).

Feel free to create an issue if something does not work probably or if you have a feature request.

Shortcut: opt (⌥) + cmd (⇧) + a (A)


  1. Download the latest release.
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Double click on the file

Install with Sketch Runner

With Sketch Runner, just go to the install command and search for Artboard History. Runner allows you to manage plugins and do much more to speed up your workflow in Sketch. Download Runner here.

History Structure (in DEV for now)

skpm (for development)

This plugin was created using skpm. For a detailed explanation on how things work, checkout the skpm Readme.

terminal commands for development

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