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CyCLI Powershell module
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API & CLI tools for Cylance


You can find the FAQ here in this repository.


You can find the CyCLI examples on Github, too.

Prerequisites & Installation

All instructions assume PowerShell 5.0 or greater. Download the latest Microsoft Management Framework if you are on an earlier version.

Install from PowerShell Gallery

  1. From an administrative PowerShell prompt, enter Install-Module CyCLI
  2. To use, Import-Module CyCLI

You can install from source too, but only do this if you want to contribute new code to the module, and know what you are doing and why.. Instructions for manual install.

If you receive this error message this:

WARNING: The specified module 'CyCLI' with PowerShellGetFormatVersion '2.0' is not supported by the current version of PowerShellGet. Get the latest version of the PowerShellGet module to install this module, 'CyCLI'.

Then you need to upgrade PowerShellGet to install. This is caused by a change in the minimum required PowerShellGet package version for To fix it, from an administrative PowerShell prompt, enter Update-Module PowerShellGet -force, and after it completes successfully, restart the administrative PowerShell prompt and follow the instructions above again.

See all verbs

get-help *-cy*

Getting started

API credentials: Persistent Storage

The module uses a consoles.json file that can reside in your user profile path ($HOME) or a special subdirectory ($HOME\TDRs\). The module will automatically create the file in your user profile path if none exists when you add your first console entry, or use an existing file in either path (with precedence for $HOME\TDRs).

It will also automatically create the consoles.json file for you when you run any New-CyConsoleConfig commands.

Import the module

All examples assume you have imported the module using Import-Module CyCLI first.

Proxy support

If you need to use a proxy, run Set-CyGlobalSettings as the first cmdlet in any API session to configure proxy settings.

Create your first API connection

To get started, run New-CyConsoleConfig and answer all prompts. Run get-help New-CyConsoleConfig to look up the possible values for the Region argument.

Note: If you choose to supply parameters rather than answering prompts, please note that the API secret cannot be given as a literal string command line argument because it is processed as a secure string (and stored using DPAPI).

The Console argument throughout the module is a string that you can use to reference a set of credentials, so you do not have to remember/reference it yourself. An added advantage is that credentials are stored protected by DPAPI and you do not need to worry about accidentally sharing them when sharing your scripts.

Example use of Powershell cmdlets for the console API

To obtain API authorization valid for 30 minutes if you have configured your Consoles.json file:

Get-CyAPI -Console <myconsoleID>

If you did not configure Consoles.json, you can provide the secrets directly:

Get-CyAPI -APIId $APIId -APISecret $APIsecret -APITenantId $TenantId

To obtain collections of all devices, zones, and policies:

Get-CyDeviceList | Get-CyDeviceDetail

To obtain the detailed information for one particular device:

$devices = Get-CyDeviceList
Get-CyDeviceDetail -Device $devices[0]

To add all devices that have names like JTIETZE-* to a new zone TESTOMAT with policy Default:

Create-CyZone -Name "TESTOMAT" -Policy 
$d = Get-CyDeviceList | Where name -like "*JTIETZE-*"
$z = Create-CyZone -Name "TESTOMAT" -Criticality Low
$d | Add-CyDeviceToZone -Zone $z

To obtain the details of all threats in the environment, you can either enumerate all threats for each device:

$threats = Get-CyDeviceList | Get-CyDeviceThreatList
$threatDetails = $threats.sha256 | Get-CyThreatDetails

Or get the whole list of threats:

$threats = Get-CyThreatList

(and then, if you need instance details, use Get-CyThreatDeviceList)


  • Automatic substitution of illegal characters in e.g. zone names to prevent API errors
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