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Get It Done! Simple self-contained and selfhosted todo or task manager
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Gid - Get It Done!

Simple self-contained and selfhosted todo or task manager.

This is a really simple ToDo (or task) manager built with PHP, jQuery and Bootstrap.

This is what it looks like (with a darkmode toggle).

Gid gif


I was looking for a ToDo or task manager that was:

  1. Self hosted
  2. Self contained
  3. Uses a plain text file
  4. Mobile friendly
  5. Able to track / see DONE items

Gid does just that (and nothing else)!

  1. Any PHP enabled webserver will do.
  2. No need for third party tools, everything you need is here (Bootstrap and jQuery are included).
  3. No database setup/connection necessary. Gid writes to a plaintext file that can be moved and editted by hand if needed (like
  4. Works and looks decent on a smartphone.
  5. DONE items are still visible with a strikethrough.

There is the option to add an email address (or list of addresses seperated by comma); new tasks will emailed to these addresses. This depends on PHP mmail() function.


Just drop/unpack the folder anywhere on your PHP server and you're pretty much good to go (check your file ownership and permissions).

Add shortcut to iPhone homescreen

Add the URL as a shortcut to your homescreen and it will present a nice looking icon.

Future features (maybe):

  • Further file format support. Right now a done task will be written to a done.txt file with an 'x' and date.
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