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Simple Bootstrap 3 theme builder for OctoberCMS
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SmallTheme 3

Simple Bootstrap 3 theme for OctoberCMS


Install from OctoberCMS marketplace or clone from GitHub into /themes dir:

git clone

Quick setup

This theme is build with Bootstrap 3 framework and is based on one of my designs.

The main idea behind this is to have a single place to put all enhancements from my new projects to be able to reuse them in the future.

I'm keeping all files in default folders intact and always create custom folders with edited original files.

Basic stuff

Update settings in Settings > Front-end theme > Customize (SmallTheme 3).

CSS styles

JavaScript files

There is a default JS combiner setup in /partials/scripts.htm.


This theme will use some of my plugins to show galleries, testimonials, records and contact form.

Small Extensions

  • Allow Menu notes and Menu images in Settings > Small Extensions > Static Pages to be able to edit testimonials that are located in Pages > Menus > Testimonials.

Small Contact Form

  • Add some form fields in Settings > Small Contact Form to be able to use contact form on Contact page.



You can setup humans.txt file content in the theme settings (in OctoberCMS backend) and the file is than available with URL /humans.txt.

The file is automatically added to page head if you use default layout (or make your own based on it with /partials/default/head.htm file included).

Vendor assets

The theme uses Bower to maintain assets files.

To update vendor files, run command in terminal (in theme root folder): bower update.

Thanks to:
OctoberCMS team members and supporters for this great system.
Ronald Cuyan for his photo I have used in the theme preview.
Rhonda Kay for her photos I have used in the theme.
Font Awesome for great icons.

Created by Jan Vince, freelance web designer from Czech Republic.

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