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Selenized color palette

Selenized dark screenshot

After researching perceptually uniform color spaces, 4 years of testing, refining hues and fine-tuning lightness using professional grade CIE Lab color space, the task of redesigning venerable Solarized is almost finished! Results:

  • Easy on the eyes.
  • Beautiful, vibrant and easily distinguishable accent colors.
  • Great readability and better compatibility with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Read more about the design and see how it improves on Solarized.


Ready-to-use config files are available for the following:

Terminal Emulators

Editors & IDEs (help wanted!)

🔥 I need your opinion! 🔥 There are some design decisions that need to be made before adding support for more editors. Your feedback would be very helpful - please comment on issue 68 and issue 74.

Other applications

Manual installation

If your application is not listed above, it's easy to set the colors manually. See this document for guidelines.

Compatibility notes

Some command-line programs may need reconfiguration to look good with Selenized, because they make assumptions about the colors configured in terminal (see this issue for details):

However, this is quite rare; vast majority of software works great out-of-the-box.

Contributing and development


About the name

The name of the project is derived from the greek word "selene", which means the moon - as opposed to the sun in Solarized.