A Ruby interface to the WordNet® Lexical Database
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= Ruby-WordNet
== General Information

This library is a Ruby interface to WordNet®. WordNet® is an online lexical
reference system whose design is inspired by current psycholinguistic theories
of human lexical memory. English nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs are
organized into synonym sets, each representing one underlying lexical
concept. Different relations link the synonym sets.

You can find out more about WordNet® at <http://wordnet.princeton.edu/>.

This code was loosely based on the Lingua::Wordnet Perl module by Dan Brian, and
uses a similar strategy of converting the WordNet data files into a BerkeleyDB
database. The 'convertdb.rb' script in this directory can be used to build these
databases from the WordNet dictionaries.

This module is intended to offer basically the same functionality as
Lingua::Wordnet, and you should be able to use either (or both) to access and
modify the lexical database interchangeably. This module attempts to remain
fairly close in API to Lingua::Wordnet, so if you're familiar with it already,
you should be able to port things from one to the other with relatively little
trouble. This module, however, uses BerkeleyDB's transaction subsystem to allow
safe concurrent access to the databases.

Many thanks to Dan Brian, who did most of the hard work. His efforts made my job
mostly a matter of playing around.

== Caveats

The database-writing portions of this code have not been extensively tested, and
there are almost certainly bugs which will cause data to be lost or
miswritten. You should make backups of changes you make periodically.

I would greatly appreciate feedback on any aspect of this software. Suggestions,
feature requests, questions, design critiques, and bug reports are most
welcome. Relevant patches are particularly helpful. I may be reached at

== Installation

If you use RubyGems, you can install via:

  $ sudo gem install wordnet

You can also install as a site library via the Rakefile:

  $ wget http://deveiate.org/code/wordnet-x.y.z.tar.gz
  $ tar xzvf wordnet-x.y.z.tar.gz
  $ cd wordnet-x.y.z
  $ sudo rake install

== More Information

There is a project page for Ruby-WordNet which can be found at:

You may also check out the latest development source for this module (which may or
may not be different than the release) using Mercurial like so:

  hg clone http://repo.deveiate.org/Ruby-WordNet

== Authors

* Michael Granger <ged@FaerieMUD.org>

== Legal

Ruby-WordNet is Open Source Software which is Copyright © 2001-2008 by The
FaerieMUD Consortium.

It is licensed under the modified BSD license. See the LICENSE file for details.

WordNet® is a registered trademark of Princeton University. 

Lingua::Wordnet is code licensed under the following terms:

  Copyright 1999,2000,2001 by Dan Brian.

  This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
  it under the same terms as Perl itself.