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This tool converts simple csv files (escpecially csv exports from excel) into utf8 encoded files.
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CSV to UTF8 Converter

BSD License

This is a simple java app that was lying around on my hard drive for years. Recently I came across a use case for it when a customer was unable to export csv files with utf8 encoding (You probably can guess the spreadsheet application they use... ;-)). I didn't bother to rewrite it, so here it is. It runs with java 1.6 and should with 1.7 too.

The gui is very simple and should be self-explanatory.

Windows related problems

If you start the app via double click in the windows explorer you may get an error message stating "Main class not found". Because I don't use windows you will have to search for a solution yourself.

However if you start it from the command line using java -jar ... it runs even on windows. ;-)

Building from source

You need to add the jgoodies libraries by hand to your maven repository, please follow the instructions at:

Be sure to use the right versions (look at pom.xml).

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