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linja pona

sitelen pona is a script for toki pona.

The hieroglyphs were created by Sonja Lang, the creator of toki pona. They appear in Toki Pona: The Language of Good.

I have created a font called linja pona, it means “simple line”. With linja pona, I wanted to create a standard font that was simple and that could be read easily at different sizes.

--- jan Same

Version 4.2

This version uses OpenType features to dynamically compose compound glyphs, rather than relying on including precomposed glyphs in the font. As a result, it allows over 6,000 new compound glyphs (screenshot) to be used.
It also has better webfont support.
This version of the font was made by David A Roberts.


To use compound glyphs, put a hyphen or a plus sign between two words,
e.g.: toki-pona, linja+pona

To use cartouches, use square brackets and underscores before each glyph,
e.g.: ma [_kasi_alasa_nasin_awen_telo_aa] li suli

To use a long pi, put a hyphen or a plus sign after a pi.
The more hyphens or plus signs you input, the longer the pi will be. The maximum length is 3 hyphens or plus signs.
e.g.: toki pi+ma-pona, toki pi++ma pona, toki pi+++ma pona suli


<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<body class="linja-pona">

MS Word

First enable ligatures and then check this box in font settings (Right click > Font.... > Advanced tab):

screenshot from jan Nijata


  1. Download the desired OTF file
  2. Open the "Font Book" application
  3. Select "File" > "Add Font" and select the downloaded OTF file


Font for sitelen pona



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