Font for sitelen pona
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Ligature code
Ligature code NON_HYPHEN .txt
linja pona 3 NON_HYPHEN OTF.otf
linja pona 3 OTF.otf
linja pona OLD v1.otf
linja pona OLD v2.otf


Font for sitelen pona

sitelen pona is a script for toki pona.

The hieroglyphs were created by Sonja Lang, the creator of toki pona. They appear in Toki Pona: The Language of Good.

I have created a font called linja pona, it means “simple line”. With linja pona, I wanted to create a standard font that was simple and that could be read easily at different sizes.

I've implemented compound glyphs and cartouches, key features of the hieroglyphs.

I've also implemented glyphs I've created for unofficial and apocryphal words.

You can download the font for free.

I hope you'll like and have fun my project.