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Spring Boot 2 Netbeans Getting Started


Just clone the repository and you're ready to go (please see prerequisites section). You'll get a nice template for an empty Spring Boot 2 application.


Highly opinionated build with selection of Maven plugins made accessible via the Netbeans UI. The two projects in spring-boot-netbeans-single-module and spring-boot-netbeans-multi-module can be used as templates.

In order to speed up the IDE actions as much as possible [Run], [Debug], and [Test] are even skipping resources:[test]Resources and compiler:[test]Compile and simply use the current contents of the target directory. This is done with the maven-skip-execution-profile-extension that automatically creates the (runtime) profiles needed for skipping certain plugins actions. The profiles don't end up in the actual POM.

Sample Web applcation

  • [Build] install with resources:[test]Resources and compiler:[test]Compile only
  • [Clean and Build] clean install with resources:[test]Resources and compiler:[test]Compile only
  • [Run] spring-boot:run
  • [Debug] spring-boot:run with debugger attached
  • Run Maven
    • [Full Build] a full clean install with verification
    • [Format Code] formatter:format according to eclipse-formatter-config.xml and impsort:sort
    • [Integration Test] failsafe:integration-test
    • [Test Gap Analysis (Unit Test only)] test-gap-analysis:perform with unit tests only
    • [Test Gap Analysis] test-gap-analysis:perform with unit and integration tests
    • [Mutation Coverage] pitest-maven:mutationCoverage of unit tests only
    • [Static Code Analysis] spotbugs:check, checkstyle:check, pmd:check, pmd:cpd-check and arch-unit:arch-test
    • [SpotBugs] spotbugs:check
    • [SpotBugs GUI] spotbugs:gui
    • [Checkstyle] checkstyle:check for among others checking the metrics Cyclomatic Complexity and NCSS
    • [PMD] pmd:check
    • [Clone Detection] pmd:cpd-check
    • [ArchUnit Maven plugin] arch-unit:arch-test
    • [Dependency Tree] dependency:tree
    • [Dependency Graph] depgraph:graph
    • [POM Hierarchy Tree] hierarchy:tree
    • [Sortpom] sortpom:sorty
    • [Enforce Dependency Convergence] enforcer:enforce@dependency-convergence
    • [Available Dependency Updates] versions:display-dependency-updates


  1. at least JDK 11
  2. recent Maven (tested with 3.6.3)
  3. Netbeans >= 8.2 (nbactions.xml only tested with 12.0)
  4. mvn clean install in skip-execution-profile/maven-skip-execution-profile-extension directory of the repository
  5. mvn clean install of Pocketsaw 1.4.0
  6. [optional] External Code Formatters for NetBeans plugin >= 1.14.0 to use the Eclipse Formatter directly in the IDE
  7. [optional] mvn clean install of Test Gap Analysis 1.0.0


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