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# This Python file uses the following encoding: utf-8
import os.path
current_dir = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))
import sys
sys.path.append(current_dir + "/../../../../Git/Academic/TreeTransformer")
from lovett.annotald import flagIf, stdinValidator
from lovett.searchfns import *
from collections import OrderedDict
import runpy
vs = runpy.run_path(current_dir + "/../../../../Git/Academic/PPCHiG/annotald/validation-scripts/")
import re
r = re.compile
# List of paths to javascript files which should be included in the
# Annotald UI
current_dir + "/waxeye/phrase-grammar.js",
current_dir + "/waxeye/leaf-grammar.js"]
# Set this to True if you are an Annotald developer or otherwise need to
# debug Annotald's jQuery code
debugJs = False
# Set this to True if you have defined a color.css file in the css directory
colorCSS = True
colorCSSPath = current_dir + "/color.css"
# flags CPs that don't have a C
CPwithoutC = flagIf(hasLabel("CP") & ~hasDaughter(hasLabel("C", True)) & ~isTrace() & ~hasDaughter(hasLabel("CONJP")))
# flags finite IPs without a subject
missingSBJ = flagIf(hasLabel(vs['subj_ips']) & ~hasDaughter(hasLabel(vs['subject'])) & ~hasDaughter(hasLabel("CONJP")) & ~hasParent(hasLabel("CP-CMP")))
# flags IP-MAT, IP-SUB, or IP-IMP with a non-coindexed infinitive on its spine
spineINF = flagIf(hasLabel(r("IP-MAT|IP-SUB|IP-IMP")) & hasDaughter(hasLabel(r("BEN.*|VBN.*"))) & ~hasDaughter(hasLabel(vs['finite'])))
# flags IPs with multiple subjects
multipleSBJ = flagIf(hasLabel("IP") & hasDaughter(hasLabel(vs['subject']) & hasSister(hasLabel(vs['subject']))))
validators = OrderedDict([
("v1", stdinValidator("/Users/janabeck/Git/Academic/PPCHiG/annotald/validation-scripts/")),
("v2", stdinValidator("/Users/janabeck/Git/Academic/PPCHiG/annotald/validation-scripts/")),
("sanity", stdinValidator("/Users/janabeck/Git/Academic/PPCHiG/annotald/validation-scripts/")),
("CP without C", CPwithoutC),
("missing subject", missingSBJ),
("infinitive on a finite spine", spineINF),
("multiple subjects", multipleSBJ),
("middle and passive verbs", stdinValidator("/Users/janabeck/Git/Academic/PPCHiG/annotald/validation-scripts/"))
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