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Description of the Kata

  • Create a simple String calculator with a method int Add(string numbers)
    • The method can take 0, 1 or 2 numbers, and will return their sum (for an empty string it will return 0) for example “” or “1” or “1,2”
    • Start with the simplest test case of an empty string and move to 1 and two numbers
    • Remember to solve things as simply as possible so that you force yourself to write tests you did not think about
    • Remember to refactor after each passing test
  • Allow the Add method to handle an unknown amount of numbers
  • Allow the Add method to handle new lines between numbers (instead of commas).
    • the following input is ok: “1\n2,3” (will equal 6)
    • the following input is NOT ok: “1,\n” (not need to prove it - just clarifying)
  • Support different delimiters
    • to change a delimiter, the beginning of the string will contain a separate line that looks like this: “//[delimiter]\n[numbers…]” for example “//;\n1;2” should return three where the default delimiter is ‘;’ .
    • the first line is optional. all existing scenarios should still be supported
  • Calling Add with a negative number will throw an exception “negatives not allowed” - and the negative that was passed.if there are multiple negatives, show all of them in the exception message

stop here if you are a beginner. Continue if you can finish the steps so far in less than 30 minutes.

  • Numbers bigger than 1000 should be ignored, so adding 2 + 1001 = 2
  • Delimiters can be of any length with the following format: “//[delimiter]\n” for example: “//[***]\n1***2***3” should return 6
  • Allow multiple delimiters like this: “//[delim1][delim2]\n” for example “//[][%]\n12%3” should return 6.
  • make sure you can also handle multiple delimiters with length longer than one char