Add a 'Recent Tweets' widget to your WordPress website.
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Recent Tweets

Add a 'Recent Tweets' widget to your WordPress website. Uses the most recent Twitter API to retrieve recent (re)tweets, then caches them in order to reduce server load.


Download the zip file and unpack into wp-content/plugins/. Head over to, log in with your Twitter username and password, and choose 'Create New App'. Fill out the form and hit 'Create your Twitter application'.

After doing so, click the newly created app and go to the 'Keys and Access Tokens' tab. At the same time, open up the admin section of your WordPress installation and navigate to Settings > Recent Tweets.

Copy-paste (from the Twitter Application management screen) your consumer API key and secret as well as your access token and access token secret into the relevant fields on the Recent Tweets settings page. Fill out your Twitter username and the other options, too. Hit 'Save Changes'.

Now, within WordPress, head over to Appearance > Widgets and add a Recent Tweets widget to any sidebar or widgetized area. Feel free to rename the widget (or even fully remove its title). That's it!

If you ever change these settings or somehow wish to force-refresh the list of tweets on your WordPress site (after you've removed an embarrassing tweet, perhaps), simply use the 'Clear Cache' button. In order to speed up your site's load time, tweets are cached for 12 hours, after all.