Twikey Payment Gateway for WooCommerce.
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Twikey Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

Enable Twikey checkout for WooCommerce (and WooCommerce Subscriptions) and allow customers to easily sign a recurring SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) mandate using their debit card or eID, or by SMS.


Install and activate the plugin. Head over to WooCommerce > Settings and then the Payments tab. Choose Twikey and make sure it's enabled.

Fill out your Twikey API token, private key, and the Twikey contract template to be used. If applicable, customize any of the other (title and message) fields.

In Twikey's own admin environment, make sure the value(s) for all exit URLs are set to http(s)://{0}&state={1}&sig={3}, where (only) http(s):// should obviously be adapted to your situation. This step is absolutely necessary for payments to function correctly and will lead customers back to your website after they've signed a mandate.


  • Supports WooCommerce Subscriptions and automatic subscription renewal payments, but works just as well without it.
  • Even after the Twikey API tells WooCommerce a mandate is signed OK, payments are marked 'on hold' until the actual payment is received. Payment processing generally does not take longer than a few days.
  • To do: replace cURL functions with wp_remote_get() or wp_remote_post() calls.