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This is a ridiculous presentation system that works great for creative, hurried people. See the demo for an example of it working.

It makes text and images as big as they can be, gives you minimal styling (em), and gives you left/right arrows for navigation.


You can skip every step by doing


This is a bundle of all JS, CSS, and HTML code - which means that it's a bit harder to update, but there are no external dependencies here, so no conference-wifi-pwn.

Presentations with Big

Stuff that works with big

  • bigclicker is a remote control for big
  • bigpy lets you use Markdown with big by implementing it as a pre-processing step in Python
  • big-themes (website) is a fledgling new repository for big themes. Try one, make one, take one home today.

Open Source


Big is totally HTML5! It uses the HTML5 doctype: <!DOCTYPE html>! It's therefore imbued with standardslicious hypeclouds.


The source looks like:

<!DOCTYPE html><html><head><title></title><link href='big.css' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' /><script src='big.js'></script></head><body>
<div><em>Presentation software</em> for busy busy hackers</div>
<div>as <em>big</em> as it can be</div>
<div>no config</div>
<div><em>images too</em></div>
<div><img src='' /></div>
<div>JS+CSS <a href=''> tmcw/ big</a></div>


See Also

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