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Fix bug where you can't disable the extension #1

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I fixed your bug where you can't disable the extension.

When you connect to an event via object.connect(signal, callback); it returns an ID that you can use to disconnect that event later.

So when you disconnect in disable you should use the same IDs that were returned when you connected in enable, not a new connection ID (which is what you are currently doing).

That's why I've created some global variables showID and hideID, I store the ID returned from Overview.connect, and use it to disconnect in disable.

Hope that helps :) Keep up playing with extensions, it's fun!

@jancborchardt jancborchardt merged commit 6f7d136 into jancborchardt:master

People like you is why I love open source. Thank you so much, especially for the good explanation! :rocket:


And the fix is now up and approved:

Thanks again @mathematicalcoffee !

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Commits on Aug 30, 2012
  1. @mathematicalcoffee
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@@ -5,21 +5,23 @@ const Overview = imports.ui.main.overview;
const Panel = imports.ui.main.panel;
const MessageTray = imports.ui.main.messageTray;
+let showID, hideID;
function init() {
function enable() {
- Overview.connect('hiding', hideDistractions);
- Overview.connect('showing', showDistractions);
+ hideID = Overview.connect('hiding', hideDistractions);
+ showID = Overview.connect('showing', showDistractions);
function disable() {
+ Overview.disconnect(showID);
+ Overview.disconnect(hideID);
- Overview.disconnect(Overview.connect('hiding', hideDistractions));
- Overview.disconnect(Overview.connect('showing', showDistractions));
function hideDistractions() {
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