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update stuff, thanks Insa and Richard for taking some

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@@ -19,9 +19,9 @@ <h1 class="taken">Take my stuff</h1>
<li><strong>hoodie</strong> blue, cookie monster back print, selfmade ca. 2007
<li><strong>network cables</strong>, two, about 2 meters each, CAT5, yellow
<li><strong>adapter</strong>, DVI to VGA
- <li><strong>air mattress</strong> with integrated pump, blue
<li><strong>Xbox classic</strong>, chipped, incl. good games, remote & 3 controllers
- <li class="taken"><strong>linocut tools</strong>, handle & swappable cut shapes for <a href="">Insa</a>!
+ <li class="taken"><strong>air mattress</strong> with integrated pump, for <a href="">Richard</a> to nap on!
+ <li class="taken"><strong>linocut tools</strong> go to <a href="">Insa</a> for furthering of the arts!
<li class="taken"><strong>laptop</strong>, old Dell Latitude C500 taken by <a href="">Gerrit</a>!
<li class="taken"><strong>headphones</strong>, Panasonic RP-DJ600 go to <a href="">Pavlik</a>!
<li class="taken"><strong>microphone</strong>, Beyerdynamic Opus 29S for <a href="">Terkey</a>’s friend!
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