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This is the first release of a RepRap-XY 3D printer. It is based on the excellent design of Zelogik. See his github archive at:

His design and my variant are discussed in the RepRap forum at::,297740

When I saw this printer I thought, this is the printer I want. It has all the features I want in a printer:

  • Based on the Core-XY system. (see
  • Frame made from aluminium extrusions.
  • No motors, belts and guides on the outside of the frame.

It only has one problem for me, it is made from CNC-ed aluminium and I do not have access to a CNC machine. I decided to build a printer based on this design, but use printed parts instead of aluminium parts. That is what you will find here.

This is a work in progress, Use at your own risk.

I made one and it is working just fine. I did not yet make something for the X and Y endstops. A simple adjustable Z endstop exists and does the job for adjusting the first layer height.

The file src/RepRap-XY.FCStd is the complete assembly in FreeCAD format. The file src/RepRap-XY.vc3 is the complete assembly in VIACAD format.

The file will mirror a few parts and generate the STEP and STL files. Just open the file in FreeCAD and run a a macro.

In the doc folder you will find a BOM. This BOM is not generated from the model but hand made, so be carefull You will not (yet?) find build instructions there. Have a look at the sourcefile RepRap-XY.FCStd (FreeCAD) and RepRap-XY.vc3 to see how everything fits together.

To see some videos of my printer have a look at my youtube channel: and some images at my imgur album:

Have fun.


RepRap version of Zelogik's core-XY 3D printer




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