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0.692 (Feb. 3 2010)
fix: error log reported failed close() for some publisher requests with large messages
fix: occasional memory leak during message deletion
fix: worker messages intended for dead worker processes were not deleted
0.691 (Feb. 2 2010)
fix: server reload (via SIGHUP signal) was failing
fix: segfault on messages longer than client_body_buffer_size (thanks wfelipe)
change: removed push_min_message_recipients, added push_delete_oldest_received_message
0.69 (Nov. 17 2009)
fix: publisher got a 201 Created response even if the channel had no subscribers at the time (should be 202 Accepted)
fix: small memory leak after each message broadcast to a channel
feature: optional push_max_channel_subscribers setting added
fix: first-in concurrency setting wasn't responding to subscribers with a correct status code on conflict
fix: reused subscriber connections sometimes failed to receive messages
unfeature: no more nginx 0.6 support. not worth the hassle.
0.683 (Nov. 10 2009)
change: default max. reserved memory size changed form 16MB to 32 MB
change: unused node garbage collection made a little more aggressive (max. 3 unused channels per channel search instead of 1)
fix: unused nodes were deleted only on channel id hash collision (very rare)
fix: segmentation fault from allocating insufficient memory for interprocess messaging
0.681 (Nov. 6 2009)
feature: added push_message_buffer_length setting, which sets push_message_max_buffer_length and push_message_min_buffer_length at once.
fix: publisher channel info text/json response now uses double quotes instead of single.
fix: interprocess messages were not removed from shared memory correctly, causing weird errors
0.68 (Nov. 5 2009)
change: default push_subscriber_concurrency value is now "broadcast"
fix: incorrect error messages for invalid push_pubscriber and push_subscriber_concurrency settings
change: removed deprecated push_buffer_size and push_queue_messages settings
feature: rudimentary content-type negotiation for publisher channel info response.
support text/plain, text/json, text/yaml and application/xml (and mimetype equivalents)
fix: publisher GET response has HTTP status 0
0.67beta (Nov. 4 2009) and older
see git repository