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In many environments it is necessary to keep track of what you do. In a helpdesk that would be using a ticketing system; in a scientific laboratory that would be a lab journal. For the field of bioinformatics, where data are mangled, filtered and merged, an intermediate approach is a good option. A ticketing system is too restrictive and typically has too many features; a scientific lab journal is too much free-text.

The Simple Project Logger (aka sprolog) is a tool that allows you to record the steps you undertake within projects. It has the notion of a user, a project (i.e. one of a small list of things you work on), a task (i.e. something that has to be done within a project) and steps (or the actual things you do to bring a task to its end). So although the original area of use is bioinformatics, sprolog is general enough that it could be used in other fields as well.

For a more elaborate description of the reasoning behind the tool, see my blog post on SaaienTist

It is attempted that this tool should be as simple as possible with just a very limited number of features. The only feature it has (and probably
will have in the future), is that authentication is done by OpenID.


Clicking on “Source Browser” at the top of the page takes you to the clones URLs.

  • gem install ruby-openid
  • gem install htmldoc
  • git clone git://github.com/jandot/sprolog.git
  • cd sprolog
  • Edit config/database.yml
  • rake db:migrate
  • mkdir log
  • ruby script/server

Tips & tricks

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Bugs and feature requests

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