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RootViewController replacement for Cocos2d that supports iAds and AdMob.
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RootViewController replacement for Cocos2d that supports iAds and AdMob.


  • Two Positions to set the Ads (Top, or Bottom)
  • Autorotation support, using CCDirector or UIViewController
  • Universal support (iPhone + iPad)
  • Interstitial ads (AdMob Only)
  • Easy to use


Replace the RootViewController in the Cocos2d project with the AdRootViewController.

Define your AdMob publisher Id

#define ADMOB_PUBLISHER_ID @"your_publisher_id"

To add the ad to the controller's view call:

[viewController addBannerAd];

To remove the ad call:

[viewController removeBannerAd];

Interstitial Ads are shown calling:

[viewController addInterstitialAd];

You can set the position of the ad at the Top or Bottom of the Screen, just call:

[viewController setAdBannerPosition:kAdBannerPositionBottom] 


[viewController setAdBannerPosition:kAdBannerPositionTop]

Hope it helps, suggestions and corrections are always welcome.

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