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ICFP Contest 2017

Team "A Storm of Minds"

  • Christoph Breitkopf
  • Jan Dreske


For convenience, our compiled submissions are available in the folder submissions.

They have a small problem: The punter scripts will only work in the current directory. The fix is trivial.

Also, we forgot to disable logging in the lightning submission. When run, it will create a file server.log in the current directory. This can be safely ignored/deleted.


We wrote several punters during the contest, mostly being extensions and refinements on the punters that came before them. We spent a lot of time on futures and splurges, but actually got lower scores with the code activated, so our final submission uses only options.

Our submitted punter tries two things:

  1. connect two mines
  2. claim the highest-scoring river connected to any we already own


Our punters are written in Java 8. We tried for functional style, but a lack of experience with JSON mapping prevented that to some extent. Also, we later rewrote some functions using streams to explicit loops for performance.

The choice of Java proved less than ideal because of the huge JVM startup times and missing Hotspot optimizations in the 1-second runtime limit. Also, we had some trouble respecting the runtime limit and had to sprinkle our code with Thread.currentThread().isInterrupted() queries.


  • Groovy: offline game server. We couldn't get the OCaml version to compile
  • Shell: tooling
  • Haskell: another punter which was not used in the submissions

Compiling and running

The punter is built using gradle. Running

./gradlew build

in the project directory will download all dependencies, build, and run tests.

Start the punter with

java -jar build/libs/icfpc2017.jar [solver]

where solver can optionally specify the solver to use. If it's not present, we use the one we've found to be best on average.


We wrote our own offline game server. You need to have groovy installed to run it:

groovy ops/OfflineServer.groovy mapFile punter1 punter2 ...