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-Abstract here!
+L<Shiras|> - A small subspecies of
+Moose found in the western United States.
+This is a Moose Role that provides combined functionality from three different
+L<DateTime::Format> packages. The three modules are;
+L<DateTime::Format::DateManip>, L<DateTime::Format::Epoch>, and
+L<DateTime::Format::Excel>. It then uses the Moose type coersion system to choose
+the correct way to format the date. This means that all input strings are
+parsed by ::DateManip. All numbers are parsed either by ::Format::Excel or
+::Format::Epoch. Since the numbers of each overlap, the general rule is all
+positive numbers under 7 positions left of the decimal are given to ::Excel and
+negative integers and integers of 7 or greater positions are given to ::Epoch.
+Numbers outside of this range fail the type constraints. I<See the 'Attribute'
+section below for a way to force the numerical values to be parsed by the
+non-preffered formatter in the overlap.> Currently the Epoch is fixed at midnight
+1-January-1970. Since all the date 'getters' return DateTime objects, all the
+L<DateTime> formats can be applied directly. ex. $inst->get_today_wkend->ymd( "/" ).
+I learned the magic for the input coersion from
+L<The Moose is Flying (part 2)|>
+by Merlyn / Randal L. Schwartz++. Any goodness found here should be attributed there,
+while I accept the responsibility for any errors.
Build from Source - (for example git)
@@ -22,9 +43,4 @@ Build from Source - (for example git)
>make install
>make clean
- (use the windows make version as appropriate (nmake?))dir
-Build from cpanp - TODO
-Install with Dist::Zilla - This only works with the CPAN download (not the github .tar.gz file)
-$ dzil install Package-Name-.tar.gz
+ (use the windows make version as appropriate (nmake?))dir

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