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🐳 Dropbox in a Docker image. This works.
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Dropbox in Docker

Docker Pulls License

Run Dropbox inside Docker. Fully working with local host folder mount or inter-container linking (via --volumes-from).

This repository provides the janeczku/dropbox image.

Usage examples


docker run -d --restart=always --name=dropbox janeczku/dropbox

Dropbox data mounted to local folder on the host

docker run -d --restart=always --name=dropbox \
-v /path/to/localfolder:/dbox/Dropbox \

Run dropbox with custom user/group id

This fixes file permission errrors that might occur when mounting the Dropbox file folder (/dbox/Dropbox) from the host or a Docker container volume. You need to set DBOX_UID/DBOX_GID to the user id and group id of whoever owns these files on the host or in the other container.

docker run -d --restart=always --name=dropbox \
-e DBOX_UID=110 \
-e DBOX_GID=200 \

Enable LAN Sync

docker run -d --restart=always --name=dropbox \
--net="host" \

Linking to Dropbox account after first start

Check the logs of the container to get URL to authenticate with your Dropbox account.

docker logs dropbox

Copy and paste the URL in a browser and login to your Dropbox account to associate.

docker logs dropbox

You should see something like this:

"This computer is now linked to Dropbox. Welcome xxxx"

Manage exclusions and check sync status

docker exec -t -i dropbox dropbox help

ENV variables

Default: 1000
Run Dropbox with a custom user id (matching the owner of the mounted files)

Default: 1000
Run Dropbox with a custom group id (matching the group of the mounted files)

Default: False
Set this to True to skip updating to the latest Dropbox version on container start

Exposed volumes

/dbox/Dropbox Dropbox files

/dbox/.dropbox Dropbox account configuration

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