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This file defines fundamental graph structures that should
be brokered by the graph interface.
package dvid
// ElementProperties is a set of strings corresponding to properties
// stored at an graph edge or vertex (it might make sense to store some
// properties with the vertex or edge)
type ElementProperties map[string]struct{}
// VertexID is a 64 bit label ID for vertices in the graph
type VertexID uint64
const VertexIDSize = 8
// smaller ID should be first
type VertexPairID struct {
Vertex1 VertexID
Vertex2 VertexID
// GraphElement defines fundamental data common to both vertices and edges
type GraphElement struct {
Properties ElementProperties
Weight float64
// GraphVertex defines a vertex in a graph; a vertex should have a unique id
type GraphVertex struct {
Id VertexID
Vertices []VertexID
// GraphEdge defines an edge in a graph; if a directed edge is desired it
// must be specified as an edge property
type GraphEdge struct {
Vertexpair VertexPairID
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