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package dvid
import "fmt"
// StoreCloser stores can be closed.
type StoreCloser interface {
// StoreIdentifiable stores can say whether they are identified by a given store configuration.
type StoreIdentifiable interface {
// Equal returns true if this store matches the given store configuration.
Equal(StoreConfig) bool
// Store allows polyglot persistence of data. The Store implementation
// could be an ordered key-value database, graph store, etc.
type Store interface {
// StoreConfig is a store-specific configuration where each store implementation
// defines the types of parameters it accepts.
type StoreConfig struct {
// Engine is a simple name describing the engine, e.g., "basholeveldb"
Engine string
// DataSpecifier is either a TypeString or a (InstanceName, UUID) tuple, allowing
// an immutable specification of a datatype or data instance. The DataSpecifier
// can be used as the key of a map, and is useful when configuring which data is
// stored using different storage engines.
type DataSpecifier string
// GetDataSpecifier returns an DataSpecifier given an instance name and UUID.
func GetDataSpecifier(name InstanceName, uuid UUID) DataSpecifier {
return DataSpecifier(name) + DataSpecifier(uuid)
// GetDataSpecifierByTag returns a DataSpecifier given a tag and its value.
func GetDataSpecifierByTag(tag, value string) DataSpecifier {
return DataSpecifier(tag + "-" + value)
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