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Angular Tic Tac Toe

By Jane Philipps


  1. Navigate to repo
  2. Clone locally using git clone
  3. Install dependencies using npm install
  4. Run tests using npm run test
  5. Start your server using npm run dev
  6. Navigate to app in browser
  7. Enjoy!


The technologies I used to build this app are: Angular 1, Webpack, Karma, Jasmine, HTML, and CSS. The app has been tested in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.


Use CSS to add more detail, animations or responsive design

I used CSS to add some color and animations to the board for winning conditions. I used Angular's built in directive ng-class to make this happen. I also made the board responsive, so it looks good as you resize your browser and on mobile devices.

Allow for more than one independent board to be on the same page

I created a custom directive for the board and used Angular's built in directive ng-repeat to allow the user to click a button to add more boards to the page. Because ng-repeat is built to loop over an array, I converted my $scope.boards number variable to an array. Each board operates independently during gameplay.

Add the ability to restart a game after it has ended

I added a New Game button which allows the user to reset the board at any time during gameplay or once a game has ended. This button also takes in account if the Board rows & columns number has been changed.

Use module loaders for dependency management

I haven't previously used module loaders, so after doing research on Browserify and Webpack, I decided to use Webpack. Though not as important for an app this small, it saves having to load all stylesheets and scripts in the index.html file by bundling them and sending them in chunks.

Support any NxN board

I added a Board rows & columns input so the user can change the size of the board. I set the minimum number to 3 and the maximum number to 10 (100 squares!) to ensure the entire board could fit nicely with my responsive design.

Write error handling and/or tests

I used Karma and Jasmine to write unit tests for the board. There are 10 tests and all are passing. I handle basic errors like clicking on a square after it has already been assigned and clicking on the board after a winner has been declared. (Note the easter egg that happens in this case.)


Fun with angular and tic tac toe!



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