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Connect Four

By Jane Philipps


  1. Clone locally using git clone
  2. cd into connect-four directory
  3. Install dependencies using npm install
  4. Start webpack using npm start
  5. Navigate to app in browser
  6. Play a game!
  7. Refresh browser to start a new game


The technologies I used to build this app are: ReactJS and Webpack.


A traditional 7 x 6 board with 2 piece colors.

I used the look of John Papandrea's Game Concept as inpspiration.

2 players can take turns clicking in a single browser window.

Each player can take turns by clicking in the board, and the message at the bottom of the screen will update with the current player's turn.

The game correctly places pieces at the top of the stack when a player selects a column.

When a player clicks anywhere on any column on the board, a piece will appear at the top of the stack.

When there are 4 of the same color in a line horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, the winning player is detected.

Once a player has won, the message at the bottom will update to reflect the winner and the winning pieces will spin.

If the board is full and no one's won, it's a tie

In the event of a tie, the message at the bottom will update.