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Mia protocol


  • Client and server communicate via UDP (using UTF-8 encoded strings)
  • Server opens a known port
  • Clients register themselves as player and are -- from then on -- notified for each round
  • Clients have to respond within in a narrow time frame (250 ms)
  • Alternatively a client could register as a spectator. Spectators are not able to actively participate in the game. Yet they will receive all messages every other client would receive


  • client->server: REGISTER;name
  • client->server: REGISTER_SPECTATOR;name

Valid names need to satisfy the following criteria:

  • no whitespace
  • no colons, semicolons, or commas
  • up to 20 characters

The server accepts the registration (server->client: REGISTERED) if the name is valid and either

  • a new client registers for the first time, or
  • an existing client re-registers from the same client IP as before (but possibly with a different port; see below).

In case of a successful registration all spectators will be sent the latest score, 0 scores included:

  • server->spectators: SCORE;playerpoints* (see below)

In all other cases, the server rejects the registration request (server->client: REJECTED).

After a successful registration, the server will send messages to the client using the IP and the port from which the registration message was sent.


  • client->server: UNREGISTER
  • server->client: UNREGISTERED


Every 2 seconds each client will be sent a "heartbeat" signal from the server, so that it can react when the server (or the communication) dies:

  • server->client: HEARTBEAT

Round start

  • server->clients: ROUND STARTING;token
  • client->server: JOIN;token

If at least one player participates:

  • the server shuffles the participating players
  • server->clients: ROUND STARTED;roundnumber;playernames (where playernames is a ordered, comma separated list of all participating players. The lists order corresponds to how the round is going to be played.)


  • server->clients: ROUND CANCELED;NO_PLAYERS (a new round is started immediately)

Rounds with just one player are canceled right after their start: ROUND CANCELED;ONLY_ONE_PLAYER

Round actions

In adherence to the previously announced order:

  • server->client: YOUR TURN;token
  • client->server: command;token (where command has to be either ROLL or SEE)


  • server->clients: PLAYER ROLLS;name
  • server->client: ROLLED;dice;token
  • client->server: ANNOUNCE;dice';token
  • server->clients: ANNOUNCED;name;dice

When Mia is announced, the round ends and the dice are shown. Given Mia was indeed rolled, all players but the announcer lose, otherwise the announcer loses.

  • server -> clients: PLAYER LOST;names;reason (where names is a comma separated list)


  • Server checks if last announced dice are valid and determines the losing players
  • server->clients: PLAYER WANTS TO SEE;name
  • server->clients: ACTUAL DICE;dice
  • server->clients: PLAYER LOST;name;reason

Whenever a players does not respond in time or does something wrong:

  • server->clients: PLAYER LOST;name;reason

Every player that has NOT LOST gets a point added to their score.

At the end of each round:

  • server->clients: SCORE;playerpoints (where playerpoints is a comma separated list with entries in the form of name:points)

Reasons for losing a round

  • SEE_BEFORE_FIRST_ROLL: Player wanted to SEE, but was first to act (no dice were announced before)
  • LIED_ABOUT_MIA: Player announced Mia without actually having rolled Mia
  • ANNOUNCED_LOSING_DICE: Player announced dice that were lower than the previously announced ones
  • DID_NOT_ANNOUNCE: Player did not announce (in time)
  • DID_NOT_TAKE_TURN: Player did not announce turn (in time)
  • INVALID_TURN: Player commanded an invalid turn
  • SEE_FAILED: Player wanted to SEE, but previous player announced dice correctly
  • CAUGHT_BLUFFING: Player announced higher dice than actually given and the next player wanted to SEE
  • MIA: Mia was announced