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This aims to become an environment for running Mia games, where the players are bots programmed by participants in an exercise session.

The game is run by a server (provided here). The players communicate with that server using a simple text-based protocol over UDP.

The idea for this was shamelessly copied from Nicolas Botzet and Steven Collins, who used a similar setup (albeit simulating Poker) for their Craftsmen Coding Contest session at SoCraTes 2011.

Set Up

  • Install a JVM (>= 1.7), Gradle (>= 2.8), Node (>=6.2.1) and NPM
  • Run ./install to build and install server, java-udp-helper, swing-spectator and java-simple-bot
  • Run ./start to start server and spectator. Ctrl-C to stop both. - Use ./start 60000 to start server with initial delay of 1 minute (60000 msecs).
  • cd to ./client/java-simple-bot running one of the two Java bots: - ./start-simple-bot - ./start-random-bot