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Helper library for gathering system configuration
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Configurator is a small library that helps writing OCaml scripts that test features available on the system, in order to generate config.h files for instance.

Configurator allows one to:

  • test if a C program compiles
  • query pkg-config
  • import #define from OCaml header files
  • generate config.h file

For instance:

open Base
module C = Configurator

let clock_gettime_code = {|
#include <time.h>

int main()
  struct timespec ts;
  clock_gettime(CLOCK_REALTIME, &ts);
  return 0;

let () =
  C.main ~name:"foo" (fun c ->
    let has_clock_gettime = C.c_test c clock_gettime_code ~link_flags:["-lrt"] in

    C.C_define.gen_header_file c ~fname:"config.h"
      [ "HAS_CLOCK_GETTIME", Switch has_clock_gettime ]);
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