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A library for simplifying rendering of large amounts of data
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This library contains Incr_dom components and helper functions for constructing partially-rendered UI's. Generally speaking, a partially-rendered component is one which understands which parts of it are visible on the page, and can decide how to show or hide parts of UI in order to achieve better DOM performance with fewer elements on the page. Similarly, hidden elements do not need incremental updates, so incremental graph recomputation can be avoided for large subsets of your model.


Table provides tabular views capable of:

  • Partial rendering (only the visible rows are actually rendered)
  • Headers that float as you scroll
  • Sorting the table on one or more columns

It's designed to be used for large tables (at least thousands of rows). There is no need to use Table for a 3x3 table.

See [[./doc/][=Table='s README]] for more details on usage and a minimal working example app, and see the [[../incr_dom/example/ts_gui/][Ts_gui example app]] for a more sophisticated (and more complicated) use of the widget.

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