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😸 📸 A Javascript web app designed as an Instagram clone but for cats
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Catstagram 😸 📸

A Javascript web app designed as an Instagram clone but for cats. Local cats can post location tips and ticks for other cats to see.
Built with ❤︎ by Janet Mendez and Chris Liendo

Tech Stack

This web app makes use of the following:


  • Ruby [2.6.1]
  • Rails [~> 5.2.3] - MVC web framework used as an API
  • PostgreSQL [>= 0.18, < 2.0] - Database

Front End

  • HTML5
  • Javscript [ES6]
  • Custom CSS3 styling


Before you begin, ensure you have installed the latest version of:


  • Clone this repo to your local machine git clone <this-repo-url>

Backend Installation:

  • run cd catstagram-backend to acess backend
  • run bundle install to install requiered dependencies
  • Ensure you have PostgreSQL running
  • run rails db:create to create a database locally.
  • run rails db:migrate to create tables into the database.
  • run rails db:seed to create seed data.
  • run rails s to run the server.

Frontend Installation

  • run cd catstagram-frontend to acess frontend
  • Ensure Catstagram Backend is running locally on http://localhost:3000/
  • run open index.html


Cats can login as their prefer cat to gain acess to the Catstagram's homepage. Upon login, a greeting banner will appear.

showing Catstagram's login with greeting banner upon sucess.

Cats can add reactions to different locations that appear on their feed. Cats can only give one type of reaction per location - reaction will be deleted if clicked again.

showing a cat reacting only once to a post. Deletes reaction if clicked on an already existing reaction.

Cats also have the option to view photos in a larger view upon clicking on the photo.

showing overlay module that appears upon photo click

Cats also have the option to edit posts that they have created in the module.

showing editing a photo description through the overlay module

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