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Version 1.1.0
- Escaping filenames in shell commands
Thanks to Michael Hoy for the hint and implementing a patch which was
the base for this fix.
Version 1.0.2
- Fixing warings
Thanks to Peter-Hinrich Krogmann for the hint.
Version 1.0.1
- Fixing bug [#22726]
Making MiniExiftool::Error public.
Thanks to Mathias Stjernstrom for sending a patch.
Version 1.0.0
- Be aware changing in the interface:
- List tags (e.g. Keywords, SupplementalCategories) are now handled as
- Tag SubjectLocation is not longer an array value but a string value!
Version 0.7.0
- Changing composite behaviour: Composite tags are now included as standard!
- New method MiniExiftool.opts which returns a hash of the standard
options used for
- New option :convert_encoding for which uses the -L-option
of the exiftool command-line application (see online documentation for it)
Thanks to Henning Kulander for the causing of this change.
Version 0.6.0
- New methods for serialization:
- MiniExiftool.from_hash
- MiniExiftool.from_yaml
- MiniExiftool#to_hash
- MiniExiftool#to_yaml
Thanks to Andrew Bennett for the initial idea of YAML-serialization
- Refactoring of tests
- Small documetation update
Version 0.5.1
- Warning "parenthesize argument(s) for future version" removed
Thanks to Greg from
Version 0.5.0
- New option :timestamps to create DateTime objects instead of Time objects
for timestamps (Fixing bug #16328)
- Invalid values of timestamps (i.e. 0000:00:00 00:00:00) are now mapped
to false
Version 0.4.1
- Compatibility for Ruby 1.9
Version 0.4.0
- MiniExiftool::Error inherits now from StandardError
- Alternative installation via setup.rb
- Bugfix
Saving of non-readed tags doesn't work with tags with hyphen
Thanks to Robin Romahn for reporting the bug
- New methods: MiniExiftool.all_tags and MiniExiftool.original_tag
- Interna: Original tag names (all and writable) are now saved via pstore in
a file for better performance
Version 0.3.1
- Typos fixed
Version 0.3.0
- Documentation completed and a Mini Tutorial added
- Interface changes:
- Test if a value for a tag can be saved is now done in
=> There is no check at the moment you set a value:
the tag occurs in MiniExiftool#changed_values
=> While calling MiniExiftool#save errors can occur (see next point)
- MiniExiftool#save is a transaction: if one or more error occurs the file is
not changed! In such a case the errors can be found in MiniExiftool#errors
- Parameter opts of MiniExiftool.initialize is now a Hash with two options:
- :numerical => read metadata as numerical values
- :composite => read also composite tags
- Tests added
Version 0.2.0
- Better error handling (i.e. error messages)
- Checking if the exiftool command can be executed at loading the lib
- New class method exiftool_version
- Added tests
- Documentation completed
Version 0.1.2
- Bugfix for Windows (Tempfile)
Thanks to Jérome Soika for testing
- Regexes optimized (a little bit)
- New class-method MiniExiftool.writable_tags
Version 0.1.1
- Fixing bug [#8073]
Handling the '-' in tag Self-timer
Thanks to Eric Young
Version 0.1.0
- New method "revert"
- More tests
Version 0.0.1
- Initial release
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