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Include Changelog into gem

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1 parent 6bef60e commit c84187e80182da2a6f19731d88d0820009717f2b Jan Friedrich committed
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2 Rakefile
@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@ BIN_FILES = FileList["bin/*"]
# This filelist is used to create source packages.
# Include all Ruby and RDoc files.
DIST_FILES = FileList["**/*.rb", "**/*.rdoc"]
-DIST_FILES.include("Rakefile", "COPYING")
+DIST_FILES.include("Rakefile", "COPYING", 'Changelog')
DIST_FILES.include("data/**/*", "test/data/**/*")
DIST_FILES.include("#{WEBSITE_DIR}/**/*.{html,css}", "man/*.[0-9]")

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