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Add support to get tags from network files using -fast option #15

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fcy commented

ExifTool supports a very awesome option to load Exif data from slow network connections without the need to download a big photo file. I'd like to implement support for this option in MiniExifTool.

This is the CLI to use the -fast option:

wget -qO - | exiftool -fast -

My idea if to create an initializer that receives the URL to the file and pipes it to exiftool -fast and then uses the already existing parse_output.

I've a few implementation questions:

  1. wget is not available in every SO. Any ideas on how to do the "download pipe" using pure Ruby classes? Any other command that is more widely available?
  2. I don't know the code base. Any tips on how to implement this?

What do you think?

fcy commented

In case, there's no good way to replace wget or you think it should get in the project because it would increase complexity. I just found the following way of achieving the goal:

json_str = `wget -qO - | exiftool -fast2 -`
exif = MiniExiftool.from_json(json_str)
# => 2011-02-15 08:27:51 -0200

It works for me. But I'd be interested in a discussion what other ways it could be done.


Interesting idea. Didn't know the -fast option until now. ;-)

At the moment I don't see a simple solution that is universally applicable.

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