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This library is a wrapper for the Exiftool command-line application ( written by Phil Harvey. You will get the full power of Exiftool to Ruby: Reading and writing of EXIF-data, IPTC-data and XMP-data. Branch master is for actual development and branch compatibility-version is for compatibility with R…

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= MiniExiftool

This library is wrapper for the Exiftool command-line application
( written by Phil Harvay.
Read and write access is done in a clean OO manner.

== Requirements

An installation of the Exiftool command-line application.
Instructions for installation you can find under .

== Author
Jan Friedrich

== Copyright / License
Copyright (c) 2007 by Jan Friedrich

Licensed under the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, Version 2.1, 
February 1999

== Usage

For further information about using MiniExiftool read the Tutorial and
have a look at the examples in directory examples.
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