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A super simple ruby project / gem manager

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Rim a super simple ruby project / gem manager

Goal is to have a project managing that just works on many Ruby versions as possible and is easy to extend. Feel free to dislike it. ;)

Use for project management

Minimal Rakefile:

require 'rim'
require 'rim/gem'
# require 'rim/...'

Rim.setup do
  name 'my_project'
  authors 'me'
  version '1.0.0'

For advanced usage have a look at the Rakefile of rim.

Writing an extension

  • Extend the class Rim with attr_accessors for new attributes if needed.

  • Set default values use Rim.defaults.

  • Define tasks with Rim.after_setup.

A very simple example extension:

# require other extensions if necessary

require 'rim/another_extension'

# Extend the class

class Rim
  # Attribute for somewhat (default: 42)
  attr_accessor :my_attr

# Setting default values

Rim.defaults do
  my_attr 42

# Stuff to execute after setting the defaults and calling Rim.setup in Rakefile.
# Usual for defining tasks.

Rim.after_setup do
  task :my_task => :another_task do
    # stuff

For more examples have a look at the tasks coming with rim in lib/rim/*.rb

Similar projects


Jim Weirich

For written the great Rake. (Sad that he is already gone.)

Ryan Davis and Evan Weaver

For their inspirations in Hoe respectively Echoe.


MIT-style license, see file LICENSE.

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