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Welcome to the Jangaroo Box2DFlashAS3 wiki!

Live demo at http://www.jangaroo.net/files/examples/flash/box2d/.

To get started with Jangaroo, visit http://www.jangaroo.net/documentation/.

To get started with Box2DFlashAS3, go to http://www.box2dflash.org/.

Build this project as follows:

  • Install Maven 2.2.1 or higher from http://maven.apache.org/download.html

  • check-out project

  • run mvn install in project root directory

  • open file box2d-examples/target/box2d-examples-0.7.0-SNAPSHOT/index.html in any browser, but not IE before version 9

  • cd box2d-examples

  • edit ActionScript source files under src/main/joo

  • mvn package => examples web app is updated (maybe clear browser cache)

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