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PowerShell Script to PIM (Azure Privileged Identity Management) you with comfort ;-)
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PimMeNow is a small PowerShell GUI Tool that handles Azure AD Privileged Identity Management (PIM) connects to multiple tenants.

You configure your PIM profiles with:

  • Profile Name
  • User Account
  • Tenant ID
  • PIM Role
  • Duration
  • Microsoft Edge Profile Number

PimMeNow will then start a GUI and give you the choice to connect to one of your PIM profiles:

  • Justification reasons will be saved to a txt file and offered to you via autocomplete in your next session.
  • After you have authenticated against the appropriate AAD, the related Edge profile for that PIM profile will start.
  • It will also start a counter that counts the time left for your PIM session.

More information here on my blog:!

Written by: Jan Geisbauer | Twitter: @janvonkirchheim | Blog: | Podcast:

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