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My variant of Michael Teeuw's Magic Mirror project website files. The code here is based off of his source, which is also on GitHub.

If you're not familiar with the Magic Mirror project, Michael did a brilliant job building and documenting it on his site. Even better, he provided detailed instructions and all of his code so that you can build your own.

I took that challenge and constructed my Magic Mirror for our bathroom using a 32" LCD HDTV and a 31"x24" piece of two way glass, glueing the glass to the front of the case so that there is no border. I also installed ShairPort so that Apple AirPlay can be used to play music through the TV's speakers. A bonus is that the warm LCD doesn't fog when in the bathroom. Details on my build can be found on my website.

I tweaked Micheal's code a bit to my peculiarities, adding whole new sections as time went on. It's been a long time since I've done any Javascript, so some of these changes might be a little crude in their implementation, but they get the job done:

  • Basic localization support, with 12/24 hour clocks and F/C temperatures, and number of decimal points for the temps.
  • Tweaks to some positioning and margins to better reflect the size and use of my mirror.
  • Switched the weather from OpenWeatherMap to Dark Sky's This requires getting your own free API key (it's easy) from and setting it and your lat/lon in js/config.js. You get 1000 free requests a day, so I have my mirror update once every fifteen minutes instead of every minute. Due to cross site scripting protections, using also requires the use of a proxy.php that I modified from the unofficial Javascript library by Ian Tearle.
  • Added a tempertuare and chance of rain graph with markers for freezing and hot (80 degree F) temperatures and ligter background areas representing daylight. This was iinspired by the Wearther Underground iOS "Today" widget to provide an overview of the day's weather. This was further enahanced by drawing lines up or down from each hour representing the "feels like" temperature relative to the actual temperature.
  • Replaced the forecast table with a bar graph similar to the one used in the Dark Sky iOS app and website. This makes it easy to compare days and find the highs and lows for the week at a glance.
  • Added MBTA (Boston area) train alerts from the [](MBTA v3 Realtime API). ThosThis API requires getting your own key (easy to do) from the [](MBTA developer site) and setting it and the route you want alerts for in config.js. The key is optional with the v3 API for the limited number of requests the mirror needs, but it's still available if you want to use it (I do). Only current alerts are shown, with minor alerts shown with white icons instead of red. This can uses the smae proxy.php as the implementation, or you can set up Apache to support CORS, as described below.
  • Thanks to Ken Balestrieri, there is experimantal MTA (NYC area) train alert support. As with MBTA, you need to get an API key from the [](MTA developer website), which is free and easy. This also updates every 5 minutes, and supports alerts between two stations, reversing the order of the stations after a certain time of day (ie: alerts on the way to work vs. on the way home).
  • Added holidays via, augmenting it with filters and custom holidays (which draw in gold), both of which are set through the config. This also requires a free API key.
  • Configurable "alert times", where the time changes color and displays a message for a defined time period, such as "hurry up and leave soon or you'll miss the train!"
  • Customizable weather-based "compliments" based on the current weather and the average temperature over the next 12 hours.
  • Added support for multiple RSS feeds and skipping stories older than a certain amount of time.
  • Removed the fractional temperatures.
  • Added daily and weekly summary text from
  • Added an extra delay to the RSS headlines based on the length of the headline (20ms per letter).
  • Added degree symbols to all temperatures.
  • Handle AJAX failures by rearming the timers so that everything continues to update. The mirror is pretty solid now, even if the site we're pulling data from goes down for a while.

For more information, visit my site at For more information on the original that inspired mine, visit Michael's site.

CORS Support

The MBTA features in particular use CORS, which allows for cross-site requests that the browser would bornally block. To enable this, you need to add the following lines to one of the Apache config files, such as httpd.conf. I placed them above the virtual hosts line, based on information found on AwesomeToast:

# Header stuff to get CORS to work.  See
Header always set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*"
Header always set Access-Control-Max-Age "1000"
Header always set Access-Control-Allow-Headers "X-Requested-With, Content-Type, Origin, Authorization, Accept, Client-Security-Token, Accept-Encoding"
Header always set Access-Control-Allow-Methods "POST, GET, OPTIONS, DELETE, PUT"

More details on CORS can be found at . Note that only MBTA supports CORS; specifically does not support CORS at all for security reasons (they don't want your key being sniffed from the URL, but I'm not worried about that due to the limited use of the key on my mirror), and the calendar is PHP anyway so CORS doesn't apply there.

If you don't want to use CORS, you can set usePHPWrapper to true in the config, and the old PHP wrapper will be used instead, just like it is for the weather.

Experimental Features

Separate Normal and Weather/Temperature Compliments

Rather than mixing the normal compliments with the weather and temperature compliments, the latter can be displayed in smaller text under the former. This just looks kind of weird, and doesn't read well, so it's disabled by default. It can be enabled by the mixCompliments flag in the config.

Weather Station Mode

For those who don't actually plan on overlying this with a mirror, there is a "weather station mode". In the config file there is weatherBGImages, which is a dictionary of arrays of URLs to use for the background image, with each dictionary key reqpresenting a different weather condition. These arrays are empty by default, and the background is simply black. However, you can add one or more images to each array, and an image from the array assocaited with the current weather will be displaeyd as the background of the page. If more than one image is provided, they will be randomly switched between at the interval specified. Since images can make it hard to read the interface, a tint level can also be set to make the images darker and the interface easier to read.


To work around the fact that git wants to commit every single file in the dir, and doesn't have a decent way to avoid tracking specific previously-comitted files, js/config.js was renamed to js/config-REMOVE-THIS-.js. Remove the -REMOVE_THIS- bit after you clone/sync and you should be all set.

Screenshot of a reasonably recent version.

Magic Mirror screenshot


My variant of Michael Teeuw's Magic Mirror website






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