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Zelda Oracles Randomizer

Summary of different randomizer versions and links to their web interfaces:

This program reads a Zelda: Oracle of Seasons or Oracle of Ages ROM (US versions only), shuffles the locations of (most) items and mystical seeds, and writes the modified ROM to a new file. In Seasons, the default seasons for each area are also randomized. Most arbitrary overworld checks for essences and other game flags are removed, so the dungeons and other checks can be done in any order that the randomized items facilitate. However, you do need to collect all 8 essences to get the Maku Seed and finish the game.


You probably want the web interface, contributed by cemulate.

Otherwise, there are three ways to use the randomizer:

  1. Place the randomizer in the same directory as your vanila ROM(s) (or vice versa), and run it. The randomizer will automatically find your vanilla ROM(s) and prompt for further options.
  2. In Windows, drag your vanilla ROM onto the executable. Same deal as above, except that the ROM and randomizer don't have to be in the same folder.
  3. Use the command line. Type ./oracles-randomizer -h to view the usage summary.

You may also be interested in Oracles Randomizer Extras.


You can download executables for Windows, macOS, and Linux from the releases page. Don't use the "Download ZIP" link on the main page; that only contains the source code. The download also contains a rudimentary location checklist and item tracker. If you're looking for a more detailed item and map tracker, EmoTracker has a pack developed by Herreteman.

See for instructions on building the randomizer from source.

Randomization notes

General details common to both games:

  • Items and chests are randomized, with these exceptions:
    • Renewable shop and business scrub items (bombs, shield, hearts, etc.)
    • Gasha seeds and pieces of heart outside of chests
    • NPCs that give non-progression items in the vanilla game
    • Gasha nut contents
    • Fixed drops (from bushes, pots, etc.)
    • Maple drops
    • Linked secrets
  • Mystical seed trees are randomized, with no more than two trees of each type. Items that use seeds for ammunition start with the type of seed that's on the Horon Village or Lynna City tree.
  • For items that have two levels, the first you obtain will be L-1, and the second will be L-2, regardless of the order in which you obtain them. The L-2 shield is an exception.
  • There is one flute in the game for a random animal companion, and it's identified and usable as soon as you get it. Only the 150-rupee item in the shop is randomized; the other two usual means of getting a strange flute don't give anything special. The animal companion regions (Natzu in Seasons and Nuun in Ages) match whatever flute is in the seed.
  • Rings are instantly appraised when you get them, and the ring list can be accessed from the inventory ring box icon. For convenience, the L-3 ring box is given at the start. The punch rings can be used with only one equip slot empty.
  • Select+right on the file select screen toggles music. Select+left on the file select screen toggles between GBC palettes (default) and lighter GBA palettes; this will only have an effect if you're playing on or emulating a GBA.
  • If tree warp is enabled, holding start while closing the map screen outdoors warps to the seed tree in Horon Village or Lynna City. Tree warp comes with no warranty and is not supported as a "feature", so think carefully before using it.
  • If hard difficulty is enabled, speedrun-level tricks may be required to complete the game. Use normal difficulty if you just want to do a casual playthrough!

For game-specific notes on randomization and logic, see and

See for information on multiworld seeds.

See for information on plando generation.


Q: Is there a place to discuss the randomizer?

A: Yes, the Oracles Discord server. The server is mainly focused on speedrunning, but randomizer-specific channels exist as well.

Q: I found a problem. What do I do?

A: Open an issue about it on GitHub or bring it up in a randomizer channel in the Oracles discord. Provide your seed's log file either way.

Q: Will you make a cross-game randomizer that combines Ages and Seasons into one ROM?

A: no

Q: Can I at least do a linked game?

A: You can try, as long as you're not doing multiworld, but the consensus seems to be that it's not worthwhile. Linked content is unrandomized and sometimes inaccessible. Linked Ages seeds also have a chance to be uncompletable due to how Sea of Storms works.

Q: What emulator would you recommend for playing the randomizer?

A: If you want to play multiworld, you must use Bizhawk. BGB and mGBA are good choices otherwise. Avoid VisualBoyAdvance and its variants; they have serious emulation bugs that can cause crashes and other problems.

Thanks to:

  • Stewmath for oracles-disasm and additional code.
  • Herreteman, dragonc0, Phoenomenom714, and jaysee87 for help with logic, playtesting, design, and "customer support".
  • Everyone who helped playtest prerelease versions of the randomizer.