Let's clients get updated about their friends connecting and disconnecting from a TeamSpeak server
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Connects to a TeamSpeak3 server and monitors it for connections. Clients can connect to this server and get notified about their friends connecting/disconnecting via socket.io.

Usage: node ts-notify-server.js

The default port this server runs on is 6000. You can change this and other things in the ts-notify-server.json.

Example config 'ts-notify-server.json':

    "ts_name": "ServerQuery login name",
    "ts_password": "ServerQuery login password",
    "ts_host": "localhost",
    "ts_port": 10011,
    "port": 6000,
    "host": "example.com",
    "output": true

IMPORTANT: ts_name and ts_password are not optional; If you omit them or if they're wrong the server won't work.

API overview

The server communicates with the clients using socket.io. To subscribe to the events of a certain client just emit a subscribe event with the clientID as data.

The server will then emit connected and disconnected events with the current nickname of the client as data.